Northern Saskatchewan Hotshot photo

Little Bear Lake is a great snowmobiling area near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
A snowmobiler does a wheelie. A gray barn is in the background.

Top 10 best places to snowmobile in Saskatchewan

SnoRiders presents a list of the top 10 best places to go snowmobiling in Saskatchewan

by Kirsten Armleder
A group of snowmobilers take a break on a trail.
East Central Saskatchewan

Ride 1000 Miles of Snow in North East Saskatchewan

In Northeast Saskatchewan, you can snowmobile 1000 Miles of Snow between 12 communities

by Ashlyn George
A sledder rides through a field with mountains in the background
Prince Albert, SK

Prince Albert trails unite the region and welcome visitors

Gerry Dolezsar, member of the Prince Albert Trail Riders, has fun sledding no matter where he goes or who he’s with

by Kyle Born
Trevor Schell poses on his snowmobile in Smeaton, Saskatchewan
Northern Saskatchewan

Smeaton: The Winterfell of Saskatchewan

Trevor Schell, Esker Bear Trails club member, can’t resist the straight runs, twists, curves and hilly boreal forest in Smeaton, Saskatchewan

by Kyle Born
A Prince Albert snowmobiler is out on a wooded trail.
Prince Albert, SK

Let it snow in Saskatchewan

Prince Albert on track to become snowmobiling hub

by Jillian Clark
Snowmobiling in the Waskesiu Wilderness Region near Elkridge Resort.  Photo by Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography
Prince Albert, SK

Prince Albert is pretty as a picture

If you love seeing vast prairie sledding terrain, you need to check out these photos from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

by Danielle Cameron
Sleds parked outside a snowmobile cabin near Birch Hills, Saskatchewan.
Prince Albert, SK

Bridging the gap for Prince Albert sledders

After several years with no club or formal trail system, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, is poised for its snowmobile revival.

by Kirsten Armleder
The excellent sledding trails here make snowmobiling in Saskatchewan's Lakeland a blast.

The Lakeland Tree Dodgers Snowmobile Club

This dedicated club maintains the trails in Saskatchewan's Lakeland district

by Danielle Cameron
MaryAnne Larson selfie with helmet on
Prince Albert, SK

Family business springs from love of sport

Meet MaryAnne Larson: Snowmobile business owner, operator, rider and cool mom

by Kyle Born
A STARS helicopter with a snowmobile in the foreground.
Snowmobiling safety, West Central Saskatchewan

STARS and SaskSnow partner together to encourage safety

STARS and SaskSnow team up and focus on safety

by Trish Drinkle
Two snowmobiles compete in an oval ice race.
Old Sled Zone, West Central Saskatchewan

Vintage snowmobiling in Saskatchewan

Vintage rides, drags and oval races in Saskatchewan

by Al Pinkney
The Punshon family enjoying a
Northern Saskatchewan

Where can I get trail passes for Waskesiu?

Snowmobiling in Waskesiu requires some easy preparations.

by Danielle Cameron
The Pushon family loves to explore the trails around Waskesiu.
Northern Saskatchewan

Waskesiu sledding will win you over

Take a gander at the sledding photos that our Waskesiu readers have sent in

by Danielle Cameron
Travis Dauvin carving downhill after a fresh snowfall near Debden, SK.
SledLife, Northern Saskatchewan

Gasoline runs through the veins of this adrenaline addicted family

Riding a snowmobile to get around the family farm turned snowmobiling into a hobby and then a passion for the Dauvins of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

by Mason Buettner
snowmobiling in Waskesiu
Northern Saskatchewan

We’ll meet you in Waskesiu

Waskesiu, Saskatchewan has some amazing snowmobiling trails.

by Danielle Cameron
Snowmobiling in the Waskesiu Wilderness Region near Elkridge Resort.
Prince Albert, SK

Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in Waskesiu region, SK

Trial maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to Waskesiu region, SK

by Kristen Mitchell
Erik Foster and his son, Kaine, sledding near Colonsay.
Duck Mountain Provincial Park, SK

Sledding is all about family time for this Saskatoon rider

Erik Foster, his wife and two kids enjoy bonding time together on trails in Saskatoon, Candle Lake and Hudson Bay.

by Karen Kornelsen
Riders enjoy riding on a lake in the Lakeland Snowmobile club region.
Prince Albert, SK

Hit the trails together in Saskatchewan

Marg Clair of Lakeland Snowmobile Club has long been involved in keeping the trails ready for riders of all levels.

by Kristen Mitchell
Two people in snowmobile suits laying against a snow bank.
SledLife, Candle Lake, SK

The Skayman’s Ride On Sled Adventure

Chris and Dallas Skayman, winners of the Ride On Sled Adventure contest, shared their story with SnoRiders

by Kirsten Armleder
A group of women on snowmobiles out on the prairie.
Candle Lake, SK

Good reasons to ride

Carol Lueken helps organize an eight-day snowmobile trek each year to bring hope to cancer survivors

by Kirsten Armleder