Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in Waskesiu region, SK

Trial maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to Waskesiu region, SK

by Kristen Mitchell

Snowmobiling in the Waskesiu Wilderness Region near Elkridge Resort.
Snowmobiling in the Waskesiu & Area Wilderness Region near Elkridge Resort. Photo by Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

Saskatchewan's Waskesiu region is a popular sledding destination for all of the surrounding area. An impressive trail network of approximately 300 kilometres is carefully maintained by the Lakeland Snowmobile Club. Although snowmobiling is not permitted in Prince Albert National Park, there are plenty of options as trails run through muskeg, open country and forested areas.

Trail map of Waskesiu region, SK snowmobiling areas

For information on snowmobile trails in the Waskesiu region and how to find staging areas, download the club’s trail map. For a more general map of sledding trails in the area, download the SnoRiders trail map for Northern Saskatchewan.

Main snowmobiling trails in Waskesiu region, SK

  • Trail to Sturgeon River Shelter
  • Timber Cove
  • Tower and Trailhead shelters
  • Candle Lake
  • Mosher McGregor

Sturgeon River Shelter

The trail to the Sturgeon River Shelter runs along the south side of Prince Albert National Park. Several miles provide some of the region's more challenging trail riding, thanks to hills along the way. Once this Trans-Canadian Snowmobile Trail reaches the warm-up shelter, it links in with the Canwood Sno-Blazers trail network to the west.

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Timber Cove

A favourite day route takes sledders north from Emma or Christopher lakes to Timber Cove. There is a warm-up shelter near the north end of the trail and Elk Ridge also has an excellent restaurant that welcomes snowmobilers. The relaxing trail features some twists, but travels through mature forest for much of the way. Riders can choose to travel up or back on a more direct trail to enjoy a circle route around the area.

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Tower and Trailhead shelters

The Tower and Trailhead shelters are close to each other and near by to the staging areas at Emma Lake and Christopher Lake. They’re wonderful for families who are out for a day of riding and also make a good base for anyone wanting to play on the area’s abundant lakes. Each cabin has a heater and solar lights, and is stocked with wood. The Trailhead Shelter is in an open area with space to play while the Tower Shelter is set in trees. Riders could also do a moderate circle ride along the C Trail.

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Candle Lake

Another popular route is the Chris Can Trail to Candle Lake and its network. Another trail, the 205B, then loops right down to the northern limit of Prince Albert before returning north along 212R, which travels straight alongside the highway. There is a cabin along the Chris Can Trail, which makes a good destination on its own. The trail has lots of scenic variety. Anyone who wants a shorter circle route could take the Mosher McGregor Trail (see below) to return to the Lakeland area.

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Mosher McGregor

Also known for its scenery, the Mosher McGregor Trail is a secondary trail that links from the 212R up into the Chris Can Trail. It’s a fun alternative for riders coming from Prince Albert and can also lead to a day of riding around Candle Lake.

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Waskesiu region, SK snowmobile club

Lakeland Snowmobile Club

Waskesiu region, SK tourism info

Waskesiu & Area Wilderness Region

Local snowmobiling events in Waskesiu region, SK

Starting in 2013, the Lakeland Snowmobile Club has been holding annual vintage snowmobile races on the second weekend in March. The first day includes drag racing on ice and the second day is dedicated to a speed oval. Any machine made before 1985 is welcome to join in the fun. It’s a great day out for families or vintage sled enthusiasts.

Snowmobile dealers in the Waskesiu region, SK

These dealers can be found in Prince Albert, just south of Saskatchewan’s Lakeland region.

Pines Power Sports Marine
Tru-North Yamaha, RV & Marine
Rally Motorsports

Sledder hangouts in Waskesiu region, SK

Lake Country Cottage Restaurant (Christopher Lake)
Yellow Fender Coffee House & Eatery (Christopher Lake)
Sunset Bay Resort (Emma Lake)
Elk Ridge Resort (Elk Ridge)
Full Circle Restaurant & Gas Bar (Paddockwood)
Jackie’s Kitchen (Paddockwood)

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