Yukon Hotshot photo

Bradley Johnson exploring the beautiful Heckle Hill area for the first time while out with his sledding buddy, Trevor Sinclair.
Map of Canada, showing winter forecast.
SnoRiders Insider, Yukon

Canada winter forecast: Snowy season to yield best snowmobiling conditions in years

Stormy weather is in the forecast for British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies this winter, while the Prairies face bitter cold.

Snowmobile grooming machines can now be tracked on the trails by AtlasTrax, using Globalstar satellite technology.
Snowmobiling safety, Yukon

A beacon on the trail

A reliable, portable, go-anywhere tracking system is being used to ensure the safety of snowmobile trail groomers and others.

by Marie Milner
Alberta Snowmobile Association executive director Chris Brookes.
Snowmobiling safety, Yukon

Shining a light on safety

The purpose of International Snowmobile Safety Week is to open up discussions about safe snowmobiling practices.

by Kris Dickeson
A snowmobiler getting some air on a perfectly clear day.
SledLife, Yukon

Ten ways to attract members to your snowmobile club

Ten ways to attract members to your snowmobile club

by Trish Drinkle
Whitehorse, YK

Natalie of the North

Ten-year-old Natalie Daniels and her family—her dad, Mark; her mom, Nita; and her brother, Zane—live in Whitehorse, Yukon, where sledding is taken very seriously.