Lac du Bonnet is Manitoba’s 2021 SledTown ShowDown provincial champion!

Congratulations to Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba’s 2021 SledTown ShowDown provincial champion! This is Lac du Bonnet’s first provincial title.

It was another tight contest for Lac du Bonnet (4,753 votes, 53%), but this surging SledTown wouldn’t be denied victory over Snow Lake (4,252 votes, 47%).

Thanks to a strong showing of support in Round 3, Lac du Bonnet (6,729 votes, 53%) advanced to the finals on the strength of a massive victory over Flin Flon (5,928 votes, 47%), last year’s SledTown ShowDown champion.

During Round 2, Lac du Bonnet (512 votes, 52%) edged out Duck Mountain Provincial Park (467 votes, 48%) in a tight contest.

In Round 1, Lac du Bonnet (204 votes, 79%) won in a landslide vs. Pinawa (55 votes, 21%). 


These are the results from round 1 to round 4:

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