Sicamous Hotshot photo

Sicamous has its share of scenic sledding zones.
Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in Sicamous, B.C.

Trail maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to Sicamous, B.C.

Carl Kuster sits on a 2022 Ski-Doo Summit snowmobile on top of a snowy mountain.
Meet the Rider, Sicamous, BC

Catching up with Carl Kuster: Owner and guide at CKMP in Sicamous, B.C.

Carl Kuster, brand ambassador for Ski-Doo, loves guiding snowmobilers through CKMP in Sicamous, B.C.

by Kyle Born
Justin Evans and Kyra Casorso have no trouble showcasing their passion for snowmobiling.
Sicamous, BC

This Enderby, B.C., family’s commitment to snowmobiling is outstanding

Justin Evans is head of an Outstanding Snowmobile Family, an award given by the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation

by Kyle Born
Before he passed away, Rene St. Onge was deliberate in his approach to enjoying life to the fullest.
SledLife, Sicamous, BC

Tribute to Rene St. Onge

Rene St. Onge, member of the Eagle Valley Snowmobile Club in Sicamous, passed away on December 9, 2018, in a tragic snowmobiling accident

by Kyle Born
Rene St. Onge makes a 23-metre (75-foot) drop between rocks.
Sicamous, BC

This extreme sledder had his best day ever in Sicamous, B.C.

Rene St. Onge, super diehardcore sledder in Sicamous, B.C., sees sights unseen by the masses

by Kyle Born
Line-up of kids on snowmobiles at start line of race.
Sicamous, BC

Sicamous Ripped Snow Festival

Craig Moore, Western representative of SledgeHammer Apparel, invited us to the Sicamous Ripped Snow Festival in February.

by Jillian Clark
Kelsey Elliott carving a steep downhill descent.
SledLife, Sicamous, BC

Kelsey Elliott: Fully immersed in the sled life

For Kelsey Elliott of Salmon Arm, B.C., snowmobiling is all things—her passion, therapy and the ultimate career path.

by Matthew Mallory
A GoPro photo of a snowmobiler sidehilling in Sicamous.
Sicamous, BC

5 photos that will make you want to sled Sicamous

You’ll be praying for winter to come early after seeing these snowmobiling photos from Sicamous.

by Kirsten Armleder
Carl Kuster sidehilling in Sicamous, B.C.
SledLife, Sicamous, BC

Carl Kuster lands the front cover of SnoRiders magazine

Photographer Ryen Dunford explains how he got this shot.

by Kirsten Armleder
Rob Alford shredding the pow in Sicamous.
Sicamous, BC

From humble beginnings to award-winning snowmobiling

How the Eagle Valley Snowmobile Club went from grassroots organization to caretaker of an award-winning snowmobiling domain.

by Gord Bushell
Jason Ribi lays down fresh tracks in Sicamous.
Sicamous, BC

The secret’s out and Sicamous reigns supreme

Find out why snowmobilers are flocking by the thousands to the once-sleepy village of Sicamous, B.C.

by Kirsten Armleder
Two RCMP officers stand beside a bait sled.
SnoRiders Insider, Sicamous, BC

Is using “Bait Sleds” entrapment—What do you think?

The RCMP Bait Sled program was launched in 2014 in response to high rates of theft in the Revelstoke and Sicamous areas.

SledLife, Valemount, BC

Eight of the winter’s best snowmobiling photos

Take a look at these photos from the 2015-2016 Hotshots contest and sledding season.

by Kirsten Armleder
Eagle Pass cabin
Sicamous, BC

Snowmobiling in Sicamous just keeps getting better

A new avalanche-proof trail and expanded access to the remote Eagle Pass area make Sicamous an even more desirable destination

by DaleAnn Shellborn
Sicamous, BC

Where do I get trail maps and trail passes for Sicamous?

If you're headed to Sicamous for sledding, check out these details about where to find trail maps and trail passes.

Stuck in the snow in Sicamous.
Sicamous, BC

So, so much snow in Sicamous

Readers submit snowy pictures of one of Western Canada's top sledding destinations.

by DaleAnn Shellborn
Kurt Tilbury, sledder, of Sicamous, B.C.
Sicamous, BC

Work, play and life outdoors

Environmentalist, avalanche safety instructor, stunt rider—that's Kurt Tilbury

by Marie Milner
Six sledders on a ridge, against a sunset sky
Sicamous, BC

Small town, huge playground

Sicamous, B.C., supports a large population of local and visiting snowmobilers

by Marie Milner
A man standing on an orange Arctic Cat in the backcountry.
Sicamous, BC

Contributing to snowmobile safety

Wes Gano shares his passion for the sport by giving back to the snowmobile safety community

by Kirsten Armleder
A photo of a cabin covered in powder snow.
Sicamous, BC

Sicamous, a snowmobile-friendly destination

Sicamous has some of the most pristine riding in all of B.C

by Trish Drinkle
Snowmobile jump
Sicamous, BC

Where to snowmobile in Sicamous

The varied terrain and hardworking groomers from the numerous snowmobile groups in Sicamous are what make it a great destination for riders of all lev

by Kimberly Schoenberger

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Sicamous