Snowmobiling in Sicamous just keeps getting better

A new avalanche-proof trail and expanded access to the remote Eagle Pass area make Sicamous an even more desirable destination.

by DaleAnn Shellborn

Eagle Pass cabin
The rugged and remote Eagle Pass is equipped with a beautiful new cabin built by the snowmobile club. contributed photo

Sicamous is already one of B.C.’s most desirable snowmobiling destinations, but the place keeps getting better. The hardworking Eagle Valley Snowmobile Club opened a new 25-kilometre trail last season, linking the Blue Lake and Owlhead riding areas.

“This new trail has opened up a new market of trail riders,” said club president Gord Bushell. “This trail has no avalanche risk whatsoever, and will have new signage to make it easy to find your way for novice riders.”

Blue Lake cabin
The whole family can enjoy a day in the Blue Lake area, complete with a stop at the cozy cabin. contributed photo

Now advanced riders and their (slightly) less adventurous family members and friends can enjoy the same sledding area and meet up at either the Blue Lake cabin or the Owlhead cabin.

Some of the most challenging terrain around Sicamous is in the Eagle Pass in the Monashee Mountains.

Owlhead Cabin
The Owlhead cabin is surrounded by blue sky and plenty of snow, just like the other cabins on this page.

“We will be upgrading our new Eagle Pass trail,” said Bushell, “into the new cabin that was built two years ago. This new trail will provide safer access to this massive riding area, which is becoming one of the most popular spots for the advanced riders looking for the steep and deep powder.”

Queest cabin
See stunning views of Shuswap Lake from the Queest cabin.

Whichever of the four different mountain areas around Sicamous you choose to ride, you will find a cozy warm-up cabin along with spectacular snowmobiling.

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