Vancouver Coast and Mountains Hotshot photo

Even the best laid plans go awry. Here is Todd Eberts getting separated from his sled in the Brandywine zone near Whistler, B.C.
Ryan Thorley busting through the pow in Whistler, B.C.
SledLife, Whistler, BC

Passion and perseverance push Ryan Thorley to rally for the local sled community

A solid rider and diehard from Whistler, B.C., Ryan Thorley is taking the reins in trying to secure snowmobiling in an area that might be getting closed down.

by Matthew Mallory
Andrew Munster on his sled in a shop.
SledLife, Whistler, BC

Andrew Munster: The savvy scientist of sledding

Andrew Munster is a Whistler-based inventor, filmmaker and businessman whose passion fuels his progression.

by Matthew Mallory
There are plenty of snowmobiling trails in the Lower Mainland just waiting for you to explore.
Hope, BC

Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in the Lower Mainland

Trial maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to the Lower Mainland

The mountains surrounding Tulameen guarantee heavy snowfall.
Hope, BC

Going deep: Tunnel your way into Tulameen, B.C.

Mike Wichmann and the Timberline Snowmobilers are a welcoming bunch

by Kyle Born
Chris Brown on a bluebird day in Whistler.
XRiders, Whistler, BC

Chris Brown, Polaris and his plans for winter 2017

SnoRiders catches up with big mountain freerider Chris Brown from Whistler, B.C.

by Kirsten Armleder
Jake Bauer doing a wheeler on his Summit XP.
SledLife, Whistler, BC

Becoming a sledder to be a snowboarder

Jake Bauer sleds to board

by Mason Buettner
Dave Norona shredding through the snow.
SledLife, Whistler, BC

A life of adventure

Snowmobiling is the perfect fit for professional adventure athlete Dave Norona.

by Kirsten Armleder
Trish Drinkle from ABCSnow and Erin Hart from BCSF presented a generous donation on behalf of British Columbia snowmobilers.
SledLife, Vancouver Coast and Mountains, BC

B.C. snowmobile clubs give to children with disabilities

ABCSnow and the BCSF generously donated to the BC Lions Society for children with Disabilities at the Timmy’s Christmas Telethon.

by Trish Drinkle
A shot of the back of a snowmobiler as he's going over a windlip.
SledLife, Whistler, BC

Photo of the day

The story behind Cameron Hunter’s photo of sledder Nick Antle—which appeared on the cover of the Winter 2013/2014 issue of SnoRiders magazine.

by Cameron Hunter
A sledder rides down the powder alongside a defunct ski lift.
Hope, BC

Discovering a winter wonderland

The Sunshine Valley near Hope, B.C., might just be an exciting sledding destination you haven’t yet started to explore.

by Kristen Mitchell
A sledder is silhouetted against the setting sun looking over an amazing panorama of the town below.
SledLife, Vancouver Coast and Mountains, BC

From your friendly neighbourhood groomer

Elmer Niezen, BCSF’s Groomer of the Year, loves sledding enough to volunteer his time each year to keep Chilliwack’s trails ready to ride.

by Kristen Mitchell
A brown haired man in a ball cap working on an engine.
Whistler, BC

Meet the mechanic: Adam Furlong

Head mechanic Adam Furlong tells us about wrenching for Route 99 Motorsports and Slednecks and why he chose his career path.

by Matthew Mallory
Photo of a guy sidehilling with a black sled.
SledLife, Whistler, BC

Eager to ride

The excitement builds as we all anticipate the opening day of the sledding season.

by Matthew Mallory
Snowmobiles lined up in front of a cabin.
Hope, BC

Sledding the Coquihalla Summit

Hope, BC, and Coquihalla, BC, snowmobiling destination

by Karissa Gall
Photo of two snowmobilers riding down a steep mountain with lots of fresh snow.
Whistler, BC

Whistler: in a league of its own

The author sheds some light on the inner workings of Whistler’s underground snowmobiling scene

by Matthew Mallory
exterior of a warm-up shed
Hope, BC

Ride the Coquihalla this winter

With legendary snow conditions, the Coquihalla is considered a prize among sledding destinations