Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in the Lower Mainland

Trial maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to the Lower Mainland

There are plenty of snowmobiling trails in the Lower Mainland just waiting for you to explore.
There are plenty of snowmobiling trails in the Lower Mainland just waiting for you to explore. Photo courtesy Mike Wichmann

Sledding in the Lower Mainland is an adventure you can't afford to miss out on. There are trails in the surrounding mountains with ample snowfall and unbeatable views.

Main snowmobiling trails in the Lower Mainland

  • Henning Mountain
  • White Cloud
  • Deer Mountain
  • Second Playground
  • Rabbit Mountain
  • Bobs Broken Nose
  • Whipsaw
  • Kelly Peaks
  • The Pipeline Trail
  • 10-K (Coquihalla Mountain)

Henning Mountain

This riding area can be accessed from the parking lot at Britton Creek and offers riders climbs, bowls, gladed areas and some great boondocking potential.

Kelly Peaks

Kelly Peaks is known for vertical terrain, and deep snow.

The Pipeline Trail

Enjoy your time on the Pipeline Trail, a scenic alpine trail system of which more than 10 kilometres are groomed regularly. This route is the most popular with beginner riders and families. From the Pipeline, more advanced riders can choose to continue on to either Henning Mountain or 10-K (Coquihalla Mountain). Riders looking to make a day of it can also choose to connect to the Merritt or Tulameen snowmobile clubs’ trail systems.

Sunshine Valley

The Sunshine Valley, despite still being relatively unknown, attracts a wide range of riding styles and abilities. A network of logging roads and some trails provide good access. Also, the area is still coastal in that it gets plenty of precipitation, but elevated enough that it turns to snow.

10-K (Coquihalla Mountain)

Steep and deep, 10-K is the most advanced riding area in the Coq. Follow the Pipeline Trail up to find more boondocking potential and more aggressive high bowls here.

For more information, check out this article about snowmobiling in the Lower Mainland, this story about Sledding in the Sunshine Valley, or this article about snowmobiling on the Coquihalla Summit.

Local snowmobiling events in the Lower Mainland

Timberline Cruisers Relic Ride

Taking place at the end of December, this popular ride happens in Tulameen, B.C.

Timberline Cruisers New Years Affair 

Come ring in the new year with enthusiastic club members in Tulameen.

Timberline Cruisers Poker Ride

This is a family-friendly event that takes place each year in spring, weather permitting.

Lower Mainland snowmobile clubs

Lower Mainland Tourism information

Sledder hangouts in the Lower Mainland

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