Yorkton Hotshot photo

Yorkton is a favourite among Saskatchewan sledding destinations.
Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in Yorkton, SK

Trial maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to Yorkton, SK

A snowmobiler does a wheelie. A gray barn is in the background.

Top 10 best places to snowmobile in Saskatchewan

SnoRiders presents a list of the top 10 best places to go snowmobiling in Saskatchewan

by Kirsten Armleder
One of those secret powder stashes Michael Fidek won't say too much about.
Yorkton, SK

A sampling of Yorkton’s sled scene

From ditch-banging to exploring wide open spaces, there are so many ways to embrace sledding in Yorkton.

by Danielle Cameron
Eight riders are shown on the trail preparing for the Snowarama on February 19th, 2011 in Yorkton.
Yorkton, SK

Where to get trail maps and trail passes in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Where can I find a trail pass in Yorkton, Saskatchewan?

by Mason Buettner
Trent Malchuk roostin' some whtie gold outside of Yorkon, SK
Yorkton, SK

Sled to your bed in Yorkton

Yorkton has sled access to gas, food and accommodations, combined with 400 kilometres of maintained trails.

by Mason Buettner
Yorkton, SK

Marking a milestone in Yorkton

The Yorkton Sno-Riders will mark 25 years as a snowmobile club in 2015.

by Kirsten Armleder
Three awards for service, naming Schrader Holdings and Schrader Motors
SledLife, Yorkton, SK

Dealership recognized for service

Schrader Motors in Yorkton, Sask., received the SSA's 2013 Outstanding Snowmobile Dealership of the Year Award.

by Marie Milner
A photo of 3 tractor groomers used by the Yorkton SnoRiders.
Yorkton, SK

Start your season in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Fresh powder and warm fires in friendly Yorkton means the best of both worlds.

by Karissa Gall
Yorkton, SK

Miles and miles of well-groomed trails in Yorkton

Miles and miles of well-groomed trails in Yorkton

by Gail Jansen-Kesslar
Yorkton, SK

Inexperience is sometimes a laughing matter

In an effort to avoid damaging her new sled, Yorkton snowmobiler Jolene Kindiak accidentally flipped her sled upside down.

by Gail Jansen
Yorkton, SK

Family and friends make every day the best day ever

For Yorkton riders Paul Smolinski and Jolene Kindiak, the worst day of snowmobiling is still better than the best day of work.

by Gail Jansen
Person sledding through the terrain of Yorkton
Yorkton, SK

Defining sled-friendly

Yorkton has everything sledders could want

a group of people in snowsuits in the forest in winter around a campfire
Kelvington, SK

A big sledding culture

The Saskatchewan communities of Kelvington, Nipawin, Yorkton and Hudson Bay have lots to offer when it comes to snowmobiling.

sledders on the trail
Yorkton, SK

Riding with Randy

It could take a lifetime to see all of the trails.

person on a sled
Yorkton, SK

Pulling out all the stops

Sheldon Alderton rips it up on a trip to Yorkton with his dad.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Yorkton