Miles and miles of well-groomed trails in Yorkton

The trails maintained by the Yorkton Sno-Riders are both well groomed and well marked

by Gail Jansen-Kesslar

The main draw

One of the first cities in east central Saskatchewan to allow snowmobiles within city limits, Yorkton has two trails that drive right into the city itself. With access on the east side of town and another on the west, snowmobilers can drive right up to food, fuel and lodging.

Using that east side access route, riders can head northwards into some of the most scenic and heavily-snowed trails the area has to offer. Many lead to the Duck Mountain and Hudson Bay trail areas. As you head north out of town, you’ll come upon the Yorkton Sno-Riders Club’s Eagle Peak warm-up shelter. Located on top of a hill that’s used as a community toboggan hill and is within walking distance of a nearby grid road, the Eagle Peak Lodge shelter attracts people from around the area and is the epicentre for snowmobilers to meet and socialize and have lots of laughs and lots of fun. 

“It’s probably one of our most popular spots, and we take great pride in making sure that shelter is the most well-kept,” said Jason Popowich, president of the Sno-Riders.

Sledders' hangouts 

The most popular hangout spots for sledders in Yorkton tend to be the area’s local snowmobile dealers.

“If guys are looking for someone to go riding with,” said Popowich, “they’ll usually meet at any one of the local dealerships for coffee first thing in the morning.”

The local dealerships include:

  • Schrader Motors: A Yamaha dealership located on Highway 9 North.
  • King’s Sport Leisure & Marine:  A Ski-Doo dealership located on Highway 9 North.
  • Brown’s Leisure World: An Arctic Cat dealership located on Highway 10 East.
  • Ochs Motorsports: A Polaris dealership, located on Highway #10 East

“These would definitely be the choice places to meet first thing on a Saturday morning to go riding,” said Popowich.

Extended stay

If you’re staying for longer than a weekend, Yorkton has the rides to make it worth your while:

  • Good Spirit Provincial Park: Around 50 km away from Yorkton riders can stay overnight at the Good Spirit Lake Golf and Family Resort or the Good Spirit Villas & Inn and fuel up at the Good Spirit Market.
  • From Good Spirit riders can head further north up to Duck Mountain or the Hudson Bay areas, where they’ll find plenty of lodging, fuel and warm-up shacks along the way.

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