Snowmobiling in Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Riders take to the trail as part of the annual Snowarama event held in Yorkton each February. Peter Baran Photography photo

The are plenty of reasons to point your sled in the direction of Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Over 500 kilometres of maintained trail and 12 warm-up cabins mean riders can explore for days on end. Some of these trails even fall within city limits, the mark of a sled-friendly community.

Trail map of Yorkton, SK snowmobiling areas

For information on snowmobile trails in Yorkton and how to find staging areas, download the club trail maps. GPS co-ordinates for warm-up shelters are also provided on the club website. For a more general map of sledding trails in the area, download the Snoriders trail map for Eastern Saskatchewan.

Main snowmobiling trails in Yorkton, SK

Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park

The snowmobile Yorkton experience would not be complete without a visit to Good Spirit Lake. Beautiful backcountry, combined with club-maintained trails, means sledders can look forward to pristine wilderness riding. Cross-country skiers also use the area so be sure to contact the Yorkton Sno-Riders or the park’s admin office for a copy of a snowmobile map.

Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Easily accessible from Yorkton, Duck Mountain Provincial Park offers an abundance of excellent snowmobiling with nearly 70 kilometres of groomed trail, signage and two rest shelters. Thirty-five square miles of the park have been set aside specifically for sledding. You can download a Duck Mountain trail map from the website.

(Read our full description of this area.)

Swan River ride

A trip from Yorkton to Swan River is a longer ride and a favourite route for local sledders. The trail often has plenty of great snow and a variety of terrain including some hills and forested areas.

Yorkton, SK snowmobile club

Yorkton Sno-Riders

Yorkton, SK tourism info

City of Yorkton

Local snowmobiling events in Yorkton, SK

Yorkton is the annual host of Saskatchewan’s Easter Seals Snowarama. Every year hundreds of sledders get together and ride either 70 or 120 kilometres to raise money for Easter Seals for Kids. Free meals, an awards banquet and raffles are among the other highlights during an event that brings riders together for a fun day and a great cause.

Sledder hangouts in Yorkton, SK

According to Jason Popowich of the Yorkton Sno-Riders, local dealerships are the favourite places for sledders to grab coffee and meet up early in the morning.


Provincial rules and regulations

The laws governing snowmobile use differ by province and can be confusing. Here, we make it easier to understand what local and out of province snowmobilers will need in terms of insurance, registration and licensing to ride B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Yorkton

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