Pulling out all the stops

Sheldon Alderton rips it up on a trip to Yorkton with his dad.

person on a sled
Sixteen-year-old Sheldon Alderton tries out the bounds of gravity and speed in untouched powder near Yorkton, Saskatchewan. photo by Blair Alderton

What’s the best part about snowmobiling for you?

Just being out and having fun. I like trying new things, like seeing if you can go over that hill and see how high you can get in the air.

What do you remember about the trip to Yorkton when the photo was taken?

I keep seeing pictures in magazines and videos of professionals and how they do all that fancy stuff—and I was wondering how hard that actually would be. So I decided to try and hop up on one side and see how far I could lean over without falling off; there are definitely a few pictures where I did fall off. It was a big closed-off (area) with trees. There was absolutely nobody there—just powder—so I just went around countless times seeing how far I could go over. It was really fun.

What were you thinking at the time?

I was thinking: This is awesome.

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