Sled to your bed in Yorkton

Yorkton has sled access to gas, food and accommodations, combined with 400 kilometres of maintained trails.

by Mason Buettner

Trent Malchuk roostin' some whtie gold outside of Yorkon, SK
Trent Malchuk roostin' some white gold outside of Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Todd Kulcsar photo

Yorkton is a city of approximately 15,000 located in southeastern Saskatchewan and has been welcoming snowmobilers and their machines right into the city for the last two decades. It’s not often you find a city the size of Yorkton offering sled access to gas, food and accommodations, but Yorkton has two trails entering the city limits to provide just that. Combine that with nearly 400 kilometres of maintained trails and you have yourself one of Saskatchewan’s best snowmobile destinations.

The Yorkton Sno-Riders club is active in maintaining the trails and providing an enjoyable adventure for the whole family. The club has warm-up shelters at regular intervals, so cold prairie days can still be enjoyable. Some shelters even have indoor plumbing. The club recently purchased a new grooming machine for the upcoming season to maintain their high standards.

Dustin Schultz ripping some drifts outside of Yorkton, SK.
Dustin Schultz ripping some drifts outside of Yorkton. Todd Kulcsar photo
A rider on an Artic Cat hitting some drifts.
Yorkton is a favourite among Saskatchewan sledding destinations. Todd Kulcsar photo

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