Top 10 Rad Riders of all time

These are the Raddest Riders we’ve ever met

by Kyle Born

Angel Sterling has braided hair and wears a pink jacket and grey toque.
Angel Sterling, aka Backcountry Barbie, is one of SnoRiders' Top 10 Rad Riders. “I have noticed the boost in confidence when recognized as ‘The Backcountry Barbie.’ ” — Angel Sterling Photo courtesy Angel Sterling

Over the years here at SnoRiders, we’ve had the chance to chat with some bodacious Rad Riders. We’ve covered everything from social media gurus to powersports dealers, and even mega stars like Blair Morgan and Brett Turcotte—amazingly talented guys fulfilling their need for speed.

So how do we decide which Rad Riders are the best? You already did! These are our most popular and most-read Rad Rider articles that we’ve ever produced. That means you must like ‘em. A lot. So here they are, all in one place. Enjoy!

Social media stars Kyle and Cassandra Mainville chronicle their powersports escapades

“I love spending time on the trails with my husband, who very much shares my passion with the sport.” — Cassandra Mainville


Cassandra Mainville wears a pink jacket and sits on a blue snow bike in a snowy forest.
Earlier this year, Cassandra Mainville got her first taste of winter riding in the mountains in Revelstoke, B.C. It was also her first experience on a snow bike. “It was a steep learning curve —pun intended—but it was on my bucket list and I'm very glad I did it.” — Cassandra Mainville Photo courtesy Cassandra Mainville

Many couples have aspirations of outdoor adventures on their powersports together, but the reality doesn’t always match the dream. That’s not the case for Kyle and Cassandra Mainville, however. This husband and wife duo do all things all terrain all together. The Mainvillles have their own website and business, Mainville ATV and Outdoors, and a plethora of social media profiles where they chronicle their escapades.

The man, the myth, the legend: Snowmobiling gold-medalist Brett Turcotte

Patience, persistence and perseverance have propelled Brett Turcotte to the peak of perfection


Brett Turcotte rides a Polaris IQR 600.
Brett Turcotte rides a Polaris IQR 600. Photo courtesy Brett Turcotte

What does it take to become a champion? Is it all about skill or is it simply a matter of luck?

“Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet,” said Brett Turcotte, snowmobiler and two-time X Games gold medalist. “There are a lot of things that are attributed to getting those golds. The biggest part was to focus on my riding and training properly.

“It still blows my mind that I’ve got two gold medals. It took me countless hours and years to do that. To finally accomplish that—it’s an unbeatable feeling.”

Disability can’t restrain this axe swinging, derby pounding, dirt bike jumping, snowmobile rescuer

“Motorsports fuel my soul. I don’t often think about the pain I’m in while riding.” — Alysha “Axxe” Vlahovich

Alysha Vlahovich stands up on her 2022 Polaris RMK Khaos Matryx Slash 155 3” with custom sled wrap.
Alysha Vlahovich recently upgraded to a 2022 Polaris RMK Khaos Matryx Slash 155 3” with custom sled wrap. Photo courtesy Alysha Vlahovich


There aren’t many women who can hit a bullseye with an ax, knock around the competition in roller derby, jump a dirt bike, or rescue injured skiers on a snowmobile. Indeed, Alysha “Axxe” Vlahovich is an exceptional talent.

What is it like to be a powersports dealer?

“I bleed motorsports and enjoy getting others into the fun.” — Dan Militere

A man and little girl ride a black snowmobile on the plains in Manitoba.
“With the craziness at work and three young ones at home, it has made me quite busy lately.” — Dan Militere Photo courtesy Dan Militere


For many diehard ATVers and snowmobilers, working within the powersports business is an illusive pipe dream. But, for a fortunate few, that aspiration has become a reality.

This Backcountry Barbie is a snow Angel

“I was the only girl and I felt hardcore—like a rad barbie doll, pretty and confident.” — Angel Sterling

Angel Sterling rides a 2020 Polaris Khaos on the top of a snowy mountain.
Angel Sterling, AKA Backcountry Barbie, has been turning heads online for quite some thanks to her exceptional snowmobiling photos and captivating girl-next-door vibe. Photo courtesy Angel Sterling


We all know Barbie likes to stand tall and look pretty, but did you know that she’s a sledhead too? Angel Sterling, AKA Backcountry Barbie, has been turning heads online for quite some thanks to her exceptional snowmobiling photos and captivating girl-next-door vibe.

The Turkey Reinheardt interview

SnoRiders catches up with rising backcountry rippah Turkey Reinheardt

Turkey Reinheardt fist pumps the air after he pulls gnarly chute.
Gnarly chutes like this are no match for the Turkey. Photo courtesy 509 Inc.


A breakout performance in 509 Films put Turkey Reinheardt on our rad radar some time ago, but catching up with him hasn’t been easy. From the backwoods of Nowater, B.C., we were finally able to track him down for an interview.

My, oh, my, it’s Miss Sled Rush!

“Before becoming an ambassador, I didn’t even know people rode snowmobiles in Alberta.” — Jenny Hashimoto-Wiebe

Jenny Hashimoto-Wiebe smiles in front of a black truck. She wears a pink and black jacket and a hat that says Braap.
Miss Sled Rush, aka Jenny Hashimoto-Wiebe, doesn’t miss many opportunities, whether it’s on her Husqvarna 250 or her Ski-Doo Turbo Expert. Photo courtesy Jenny Hashimoto-Wiebe


Jenny Hashimoto-Wiebe does it all. She rides the backcountry on her motocross bike in the summer and rips up the mountains on her sled in the winter. She grew up in B.C., and still spends time riding throughout the province, but now lives in Alberta and works as a brand ambassador for the Alberta Snowmobile Association (ASA). Hashimoto-Wiebe was also named Miss Sled Rush.

Adapt or die: She-Riderz borne from creator’s baptism by fire sledding experience

Resilient Rad Rider Chantelle Bourgeau powers her way through a flurry of adversity to create She-Riderz

Chantelle Bourgeau sits inside of a black car. She has long brown hair and wears all black.
Chantelle Bourgeau’s instant love of snowmobiling combined with an ever-growing group of riding buddies prompted her to start up She-Riderz, a sled feature page for female riders. Photo courtesy Chantelle Bourgeau


“Snowmobiling: you'll either love it or hate it, and most girls I know hate it.”

That was the warning Chantelle Bourgeau’s boyfriend gave her when she first sat on a sled five years ago. Fortunately for Bourgeau (and her boyfriend), she found herself in the former category of female snowmobilers.

This Native American is ushering in a new age of snowmobiling to his tribe and the next generation

Alonzo Coby has gone from bull rider to Alpine Assassin


Alonzo Coby wears a cowboy hat and a colourful vest.
Coby has always had a love for extreme sports. He rode bulls while in high school and college and was a jockey for Indian Relays. Photo courtesy Alonzo Coby

For whatever reason, there aren’t a whole lot of Native Americans involved in the snowmobile scene in the United States. For many years now, Alonzo Coby has been looking to remedy the situation.

Blair Morgan: “I never thought I’d be racing again”

Adaptive snow bike event at Winter XGames 2018 brings injured athlete Blair Morgan back to competition


Blair Morgan racing snow bike at X Games.
Still aligned with Ski-Doo, Blair Morgan has kept a close eye on the industry and his return to racing is sure to delight fans across Canada. Allison Kennedy photo

Multi-time Canadian national motocross champ and the man from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, who redefined the sport of snocross and snowmobiling is back.

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