High Level Hotshot photo

High Level is a great place to gather with friends and family.
Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in High Level, Alberta

Trail maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to High Level, Alberta.

Meet the Rider, High Level, AB

Brenda Duval’s Hotshot of the month

SnoRiders catches up with the photo contest winner for the month of January 2018.

by Kirsten Armleder
Chris Coosemans is high in the air on his snowmobile

Explore the diversity of Northern Alberta

Alberta’s Lakeland region has multiple terrains to ride, such as farmland, bush, cutlines and hills to climb

by Kyle Born
Snowmobilers are standing around and relaxing at one of three picnic areas on the Watt Mountain loop.
High Level, AB

Raising the bar

High Level is one of Alberta’s finest snowmobiling destinations

by Danielle Cameron
Snowmobiling in High Level Alberta
High Level, AB

High Level is loopy

High Level’s most popular trail is the Main Loop and the main event is the Poker Rally

by Kyle Born
The Watt Mountain Wanderers represent High Level, Alberta.
High Level, AB

Club Profile: High Level’s Watt Mountain Wanderers

Go to High Level for high-octane adventure.

Brenda Duval waits for snowfall on her Polaris Shift snowmobile.
High Level, AB

Adventure knows no age

Brenda Duval is older than most riders, but that doesn’t slow down her sledding adventures.

by Kyle Born
Sledding on the Watt Mountain Loop
High Level, AB

Sledding in High Level, Alberta

Sledding in High Level, Alberta, means numerous opportunities for powder and family riding.

by Karen Kornelsen
Brett Smyl of High Level, Alberta (pictured) said that you find the best local riding when you explore the areas that shoot off of the main pipeline loop, like this area he found last season just north of town near a gravel pit.  Photo courtesy of Brett Smyl
High Level, AB

High Level snowmobiling is some of Alberta’s finest

If you are sledding in Alberta, High Level should be one of your first stops.

by Danielle Cameron
Riders gathering at the Poker Rally check point 2.
High Level, AB

Snow touring at its best

If you want to try long-distance, high-speed touring, it's worth the ride to High Level

by Nowell Berg
Watt Mountain Wanderers snowmobile club President, Barry Toker working on signage.
High Level, AB

Building the snowmobiling scene in High Level

Barry Toker gives his time and energy to the Watt Mountain Wanderers in High Level, Alberta.

by Kris Dickeson
High Level rider Brett Smyl.
High Level, AB

High Level, AB has terrain for both mountain and trail riders

High level, AB has a wonderful culture of Mountain and trail riders who work together to grow their sport.

by Trish Drinkle
Brett Smyl taking a jump on his snowmobile.
High Level, AB

An abundance of fresh, deep snow makes for great riding in High Level

Brett Smyl from High Level talks about the great snow conditions.

by Karissa Gall
High Level, AB

High Level lends a northern perspective to sledding

High Level, Alberta, snowmobiling destination

by Karissa Gall
sledder on the trail
High Level, AB

Alberta’s sledding secret

Expect a longer snowmobiling season in High Level

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near High Level