Take a break at one of the snowmobile club cabins, before hitting the trails again.
Take a break at one of the snowmobile club cabins, before hitting the trails again. Photo courtesy Brenda Duval

If you've been craving a snowmobiling adventure, make High Level your next destination. This sled-friendly community has a dedicated club, stunning terrain and winter weather that makes snowmobiling a joy. 

Trail map of High Level snowmobiling areas

For more detailed information on snowmobile trails in High Level and how to find staging areas, download the Watt Mountain Wanderers map

Top snowmobile trails in High Level, Alberta

The local trails can be accessed easily from any hotel in High Level, and you can count on having ample space to park your trailer, no matter where you choose to stay. Being able to ride directly from your room is a definite perk when taking a High Level snowmobiling holiday.

The Main Loop (AKA Watt Mountain Loop) near High Level, Alberta

The Main Loop is the most popular snowmobiling trail in High Level, with a perfect combination of stellar scenery, varied terrain and riding suitable for all ability levels. It is 134 kilometres long and well groomed.

The Machesis Lake Trail near High Level, Alberta

To access the Machesis Lake Trail, leave from High Level going south along the highway and then you will head southeast. It’s 74 kilometres one way and you’ll end up at the Peace River. It’s a pretty flat run and will take about 1.5 hours each way or longer for families.

Where to buy a snowmobile trail pass in High Level, Alberta

You can purchase a trail pass directly from the Watt Mountain Wanderers. Check the club website for details.

Snowmobiling conditions in High Level, Alberta

To see the current trail conditions, check the Watt Mountain Wanderers trail status page.

Local snowmobiling events in High Level

Watt Mountain Wanderers Poker Rally

Held annually in February, this rally brings out a festive crowd of snowmobile lovers from every age group. All riders must have a valid ASA trail pass to participate.

The December toy run

Each year, the Watt Mountain Wanderers host this fundraiser event to collect toys for children in need.

Local snowmobile club in High Level, Alberta

The Watt Mountain Wanderers

This devoted club works hard to keep the terrain groomed and fun for everyone. 

Read more about High Level's snowmobile club.

Top winter activities in High Level, Alberta

High Level, Alberta tourism info

Driving distances to High Level, Alberta

What local snowmobilers say about High Level, Alberta


Sledders have a need for speed in High Level, Alberta. - Brenda Duval photo

“Driving at night between the two bridges with the frost on the trees is probably the most beautiful scenery you could imagine. The northern lights—words cannot describe the awe of it. An evening ride to meet riders at the rib pit is always fun. We have loads of laughs and camaraderie with anyone who is out on the trail. There is no tension, no phones bothering us and no stress, just friendly conversation and warmth by the fire.” 

- Brenda Duval, local sledder

“Our trail system is like a pipeline, and we use the trail to go places. That’s why we have good variety up here, because we’re in a very secluded area and there are a lot of areas that are very remote. You could spend the whole day, not even get 10 kilometres out of town, and find meadows of fresh snow. The trails can go forever.” 

- Brett Smyl, local sledder





Provincial rules and regulations

The laws governing snowmobile use differ by province and can be confusing. Here, we make it easier to understand what local and out of province snowmobilers will need in terms of insurance, registration and licensing to ride B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near High Level

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Take a break at one of the snowmobile club cabins, before hitting the trails again.
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