Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in Tisdale

Trail maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to Tisdale, Saskatchewan.

Shown is a snowy Saskatchewan field with snowmobile tracks crisscrossing through it.
Tisdale, SK

Making tracks in Tisdale, Saskatchewan

We chatted with the president of the Tisdale Snowmobile Club about one of his most memorable rides.

by Danielle Cameron
A snowmobile trail west of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
Tisdale, SK

So much to explore in Northeast Saskatchewan

Discover numerous trails and destinations in Northeast Saskatchewan

by Karen Kornelsen
Large yellow snowmobile trail groomer bearing the name Tisdale Snowmobile Club
Tisdale, SK

A small club in big-sky country

Snowmobilers enjoy wide open spaces and friendly folks in the area of Tisdale, Saskatchewan.

by Marie Milner
a young boy sits in a box with his snow gear on.
Tisdale, SK

Choose your route

There are plenty of snowmobile trails to explore in this community

by Kirsten Armleder

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Tisdale