Making tracks in Tisdale, Saskatchewan

We chatted with the president of the Tisdale Snowmobile Club about one of his most memorable rides

by Danielle Cameron

Shown is a snowy Saskatchewan field with snowmobile tracks crisscrossing through it.
This wide-open terrain is typical of Tisdale's expansive networks. Photo courtesy Wayne Hedin

Take a sledding trip to Tisdale, Saskatchewan, and you'll be met with hundreds of kilometres of open terrain, convenient warm-up shelters and a snowmobile-friendly community. We asked Wayne Hedin, president of the Tisdale Snowmobile Club, to tell us about one of his favourite rides in the area. He described an evening ride that took place March 19, 2018.

"This particular evening, five or six club members got together and headed north on Trail 225B on freshly groomed trails, with the Aylsham Inn being our destination for wings," said Hedin. "With the days being a bit longer that time of the year and weather just below freezing, we had a great ride. (There was) lots of fresh spring snow along the way and the wings were delicious, also."

A long-time sledder and club volunteer

Hedin has been snowmobiling for years and volunteering for the Tisdale Snowmobile Club ever since it was reactivated approximately 10 years ago. There is a strong sense of camaraderie between the members and even a bit of friendly debate over the best machine for tackling the Tisdale trails.

"We have a great core group and tons of volunteers for events and projects we do. Presently I am serving as president," Hedin said. "My sled of choice is my 800 Polaris Assault, and there is always great debate over makes and models between club members."

Things are looking great for the upcoming season. The weather forecast is favouring sledders with promises of ample snowfall.

"(We're) looking forward to 2018/2019—we're anticipating lots of snow," Hedin said. "We are always very grateful to our area farmers who allow us access for our trails."


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