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There are plenty of snowmobile trails to explore in this community

by Kirsten Armleder

a young boy sits in a box with his snow gear on.
A young snowmobiler stops to take a break while sledding in the Tisdale, Saskatchewan, area. Photo courtesy Shelley Beaudette

Snowmobilers in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, don’t have to haul their sleds to the trailheads because the trails can be accessed from the edge of town. According to Shelley Beaudette, the club maintains 148 kilometres of trails in the area and they are groomed regularly.

Most of the club’s trails join up with other trail systems so sledders can choose to ride for an hour or an entire day. They can even stop to have a meal along the way. Beaudette said that if snowmobilers ride south of Tisdale, they can go to the Hidden Meadows Golf Course, which has a small lake and a restaurant that stays open throughout the winter.

Tisdale can be used as a jumping-off point for snowmobilers to ride to other destinations in Northeastern Saskatchewan.

“That’s what people have been doing this year because there isn’t much snow anywhere else,” said Beaudette. “They will come to communities like Tisdale, Melfort, Nipawin and Hudson Bay—which are the four biggest communities in the Northeast—and they will stay the night or the weekend and then they will just hop on a trail and go.”

There are warmup shelters located north, east and south of Tisdale. All three shelters have a wood stove and a firepit where riders can take a break from their travels to enjoy a wiener roast.

Sledding together

According to Beaudette, the snowmobiling season in Tisdale usually goes from January to March. Beaudette said she and her husband, Dennis, ride every weekend. The day before I spoke to Beaudette, she and Dennis had gone on a 140-kilometre ride from Tisdale to one of Saskatchewan’s provincial parks and back.

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