Hankerin’ for munchies: these are the best snacks to eat while sledding

What do you take to eat or snack on while riding?

by Kyle Born

Lorne Larson takes the family out for a vintage ride and wiener roast in Lloydminster, Alberta.
Lorne Larson takes the family out for a vintage ride and wiener roast in Lloydminster, Alberta. Photo courtesy Lorne Larson

Gurgle gargle.

That’s your gut. Don’t ignore it, silly. It’s time to chow down on the trail. Well, don’t actually eat the trail itself. Pull your snowmobile over and have a snack for crying out loud! Your stomach will thank you, as will your depleted energy reserves. Sledding takes a lot of effort, after all. Isn’t it about time you took a break?

When you’re in the need of munchies, what’s your go-to snack? The following suggestions are from seasoned sledheads who know when to shut off the engine and fire up the barbecue/fire pit/muffpot.

What do you take to eat or snack on while riding?

Hannah Dehoog, Smithers, British Columbia:

I like to cook smokies on the fire at the cabin on the mountain. There’s nothing better than something hot to eat when you’re playing out in the cold.

Trevor Schell, Smeaton, Saskatchewan:

Usually a sandwich and a soft drink. I stop at various lodges, depending on the trip, for a hot soup and sandwich or grilled cheese.

Teena Rumak, Revelstoke, British Columbia:

My normal meal on the hill is a wrap or a sandwich. Otherwise, fruit, chewy gummies, Eat-More chocolate bars, water, Gatorade, smokies and hotdogs.

Charlene Isfeld, Gimli, Manitoba:

Hot dogs, homemade sausage and dill pickles and a variety of other snacks.

Courtney Fender, East Jordan, Michigan:

We love to have hotdogs and cook them on our heater in our trailer. We always have other snacks in our trailer at all times.

Dean Ingram, Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia:

I usually eat a fair amount of sandwiches. If you're close to a cabin, you can take smokies. There are pre-done ribs you can buy. Put them in tin foil and throw them on the barbecue. Wipe off the stickiness on the snow. It's awesome. One time, some friends from Manitoba brought shrimp and mushrooms in a tin foil pan and we put it on the barbecue. I tell you, it was a gourmet meal out in the bush. When you have a cabin, it makes it more enjoyable, that’s for sure.

Your turn!

Is your mouth watering for freshly powdered air and hotdogs yet? If you’ve got a stellar snack worth sharing with your fellow SnoRiders, send a photo of you and your crew to [email protected] along with an answer to the question: What do you take to eat or snack on while riding?

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