The provincial semi-finals have begun!

The 2019 SledTown ShowDown is into the Sweet 16

by Kyle Born

The sun sets on a snowy Tumbler Ridge
Tumbler Ridge is one of four remaining SledTowns left in B.C. Photo courtesy Jonathon Howe

We’re down to the Sweet 16 in the 2019 SledTown ShowDown contest. The provincial semi-finals will separate the wannabes from the true title contenders. Who will emerge victorious in this rigorous battle for snowmobiling supremacy?

Here are a few of the highlights from Round 2:

  • In B.C., Tumbler Ridge racked up the most votes in the province, tallying 450 votes to move past Blue River and into a heavyweight bout with Revelstoke.
  • Fox Creek, Alberta, once again garnered the most votes of any SledTown, this time with 619.
  • Fun fact: Carrot River/Arborfield and Hudson Bay each won their respective round 2 competitions with exactly 355 votes. Barring an upset, it seems likely those two SledTowns will meet in the finals.
  • The tightest race in Round 2 took place in Manitoba. Lac du Bonnet (51%) squeaked past Lee River (49%). Can Lac du Bonnet keep the momentum moving past Thompson?

The polls are open and it’s time to cast your votes in the 5th annual SledTown ShowDown. You can head over to the main contest page or vote by provincial bracket once a day until the current round closes:

British Columbia

Round 3 runs November 14 to 25, 2018.

New to the contest? This is how it works: we start with 16 destinations from each Western province in Canada. Each round, our readers vote for their favourites and the destinations get whittled down. By Round 4, we’ll have our provincial winners, which will go head-to-head until only one town remains to be crowned the 2019 SledTown ShowDown Champion of Western Canada.

Here’s what the winner gets:

A shiny SledTown trophy, bragging rights, feature articles and advertising in SnoRiders magazine. Plus, it is a chance to raise positive awareness of snowmobiling and to recognize local clubs for all their hard work.

Social media plays a big role in this contest so be sure to hit “share” after you vote to let your friends know about the contest. You can also follow SnoRiders on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for quick updates during the contest. Feel free to tag us in photos and use the #sledtownshowdown to promote your favourite town.

If you’re on our e-Newsletter list, you’ll also get SledTown ShowDown news, plus our best snowmobiling stories, each month. Not on the list? Sign up here.

Unless you want your favourite SledTown to take a whoopin’, you’d best get to clickin’! Vote now. Vote often. Good luck to you and your SledTown.

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