Tumbler Ridge races to narrowest victory in SledTown ShowDown history

Tumbler Ridge, B.C., is the SledTown ShowDown 2023 champion

by Kyle Born

“Game over, man! Game over!”

Wowzers, was that ever a close one—the closest one ever, in fact. Congratulations to Tumbler Ridge, B.C., your 2023 SledTown ShowDown champions!

SnoRiders’ 9th annual SledTown ShowDown has ended with Tumbler Ridge, B.C., (2,985 votes, 50.90%) sliding by Thompson, Manitoba, (2,879 votes, 49.10%) by the slightest of margins in the finals. 

And this ain’t Tumbler Ridge’s first time on top of the podium either. Back in 2019, Tumbler Ridge showed off their snowmobile swagger by winning their first-ever SledTown ShowDown championship. Now they’re the second snowmobiling destination to become two-time champs (Flin Flon, Manitoba, won in 2020 and 2022).

A group of sledders gather at Tumbler Ridge Town Hall.
On a cold day in 2019, a group of sledders gathered at the Tumbler Ridge Town Hall to celebrate their SledTown ShowDown victory. Photo courtesy Bob Taylor

The Tumbler Ridge Ridge Riders Snowmobile Association’s trail system encompasses more than 300 kilometres of trails. In addition, there are more than a dozen other sledding areas around the region that are only a short drive away. There is rugged backcountry terrain to please those with more advanced skills and groomed trails with easy riding for families or those just starting out. With alpine conditions bringing foot after foot of fresh snow and a sledding season that goes for six months of the year, it’s no surprise that snowmobilers gather here.

Tumbler Ridge worked its way to the tippy top of the mountain by boondocking through six rounds of competition, and thus six worthy adversaries:

  • Round 1: Tumbler Ridge (74% of the votes) squished Whistler/Squamish (26% of the votes)
  • Round 2: Tumbler Ridge (70%) bowled over Blue River (30%)
  • Round 3: Tumbler Ridge (67%) razed Revelstoke (33%)
  • Round 4: Tumbler Ridge (54%) socked Sicamous (46%)
  • Round 5: Tumbler Ridge (54%) stomped through Swan Hills, Alberta (46%)
  • Round 6: Tumbler Ridge (51%) tussled with Thompson, Manitoba, (49%) for an epic victory

New to the contest? This is how it works: we start with 16 destinations from each Western province in Canada. Each round, our readers vote for their favourites and the destinations get whittled down. By Round 4, we’ll have our provincial winners, which will go head-to-head until only one town remains to be crowned the SledTown ShowDown Champion of Western Canada. For a full account of previous SledTown ShowDowns, see our complete history of SnoRiders’ SledTown ShowDown.

Here’s what the winner gets:

A shiny SledTown trophy, bragging rights and feature articles on SnoRidersWest.com. Plus, it is a chance to raise positive awareness of snowmobiling and to recognize local clubs for all their hard work.

Social media plays a big role in this contest so be sure to hit “share” after you vote to let your friends know about the contest. You can also follow SnoRiders on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for quick updates during the contest.

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Thank you for participating in this year’s SledTown ShowDown by voting for your favourite snowmobiling destination. 

Tumbler Ridge Resources:

Now that you know how awesome Tumbler Ridge is, it’s time to get set for your trip. Take a look at the trail map and browse through our Tumbler Ridge page for everything you need to know to snowmobile in the best place in Western Canada: Tumbler Ridge. 

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