Roger Yvon craves high-octane euphoria, and Yellowhead County doles it out.
Yellowhead County, AB

Snowmobiling: Motocross with skis

Roger Yvon craves high-octane euphoria, and Yellowhead County doles it out

by Kyle Born
Kids at the snowmobile shelter in Edson.
Yellowhead County, AB

Meet the Edson Snow Seekers

Looking after the trails around Yellowhead County, the Edson Snow Seekers are an amazing asset.

by Danielle Cameron
A snowmobile trail groomer in Edson.
Yellowhead County, AB

Where to get snowmobile trail maps and passes for Edson, Alberta

If you're planning a snowmobile trip to Edson, Alberta, here's what you should know about trail passes and maps.

by Kirsten Armleder
Looking over the handlebars at a steep climb on a snowmobile.
Yellowhead County, AB

Sledding, west-central style

In the shadow of Alberta's North Rockies lies an expansive land of dense forest, wide open fields and snow-covered foothills.

by Kirsten Armleder
Snowmobilers stop for a break on the trail to Pepper Hill Cabin near Edson, Alberta, on the way to Silver Summit ski area.
Yellowhead County, AB

Family-friendly riding galore

Thanks to the Edson Sno-Seekers, many kilometres of trail can take any rider around Yellowhead County.

by Kristen Mitchell
A number of sledders stopped on one of the Sno-Seekers' many mapped, wide, groomed trails in Edson, Alberta and the surrounding area.
Yellowhead County, AB

Silver Summit ski hill is sledder headquarters

Yellowhead County trails and cutlines offer a comprehensive, technical tour of the area

by Karissa Gall

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Yellowhead County