Snowmobiling: Motocross with skis

Carving, climbing, jumping and sidehilling—Yellowhead County satisfies what a rider yearns for

by Kyle Born

Roger Yvon craves high-octane euphoria, and Yellowhead County doles it out.
Roger Yvon craves high-octane euphoria, and Yellowhead County doles it out. Photo courtesy Roger Yvon

Adrenalin is a funny thing. Your body is flooded with it when in danger or when pulling off a sick jump. That’s the ideal kind of excitement most of us seek but few find on a regular basis.

For Roger Yvon of Hinton, Alberta, he’s found his adrenalin rush, and he gets it all year long. With a one-two punch of snowmobiling and motocross, plenty of thrills and adventure follow Yvon wherever he goes. “I like the exhilaration,” he said, “just getting out in the deep powder.”

When the ground is void of snow, Yvon gets his kicks on dirtbikes. He used to race in motocross and would like to try his hand at snocross if given the opportunity. His competitive spirit drives him further into the sport of snowmobiling as he surrounds himself with skilled navigators of the wildlands. “The guys I go with know the lay of the land,” said Yvon. “I don’t like going up with people who don’t know what they’re doing.”

Yvon has been riding snowmobiles since he was a tyke. His dad introduced him to the sport while riding a 1982 Ski-Doo Blizzard 9500. Snowmobiling has come a long way since that time as Yvon explained, “Those old sleds, they were rough ones,” he said. “I like the sleds nowadays—the T-motion—how you can turn in the snow. They’re really nimble, the engineering of it all. The new ones they’ve designed actually ride like motocross bikes, from what I’ve found. The way you sit on them—high in front. It’s a really good feel to them now.”

Those seeking excitement will find it in Yellowhead County. Yvon can attest to the high quality of carving, climbing, jumping and sidehilling that the Hinton area provides. Whether you lay down rubber or tracks, this Rider’s Choice Award winner for “Favourite scenic snowmobiling area in Alberta” satisfies what a rider yearns for. 

On our rad radar

Rider: Roger Yvon

Where: Hinton, Alberta

Occupation: Coal miner for Teck Coal

Bragging rights: “Jumping six to 10 feet high.”

Weapon of choice: 2014 Ski-Doo Summit 800R

Local ride recommendation: “MacKenzie area. It’s right by the Cardinal Divide. There’s usually pretty good snow there. Good trails too.” 

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