Meet the Edson Snow Seekers

Looking after the trails around Yellowhead County, the Edson Snow Seekers are an amazing asset

by Danielle Cameron

Kids at the snowmobile shelter in Edson.
Families gather at the warm-up shelters, thanks to the Edson Snow Seekers. Photo courtesy Brant Rolling

The Edson Snow Seekers vigilantly maintain the trails in their area, keeping the terrain safe and fun for sledders year after year. Current president, Brant Rolling, took the time to answer some questions about the club.

How do you get to the staging areas of your main trails?

We have four staging areas. One is four kilometres down the Swanson Road west of Edson, one is at the north side of the town of Edson, another is south of Robb and the fourth is at the Edson Rec Center.

Is there enough room at the staging area for trucks with big trailers?

There is lot of room for trucks and trailers, (the staging areas are) plowed out regularly.

Do I need to get there early in order to find a spot?

No, there is lots of room.

What kind of groomer does your club have?

Our groomer is year 2006, (the make is) Prinoth, the model is Bison 350 and the drag is a Mogul Mater DS 18 by 9 foot.

When and where do you have your club meetings?

We have our meetings on the first Wednesday of the month - 7:30 p.m. at the Branch Inn restaurant.

What are your annual events and when do they usually take place?

First weekend in March is the Annual Larry Iwaschuk memorial Poker Rally. In the past we have had family rides and media rides.

How does a person join the club?

All that is required to become a member is to purchase a ASA trail pass.

What year was the club started?

In the early '70s.

On average, how many members are in your club?

We get around 250 members with 20 members that are active in the club. We do get a lot of volunteers that help with the poker rally and trail clean-ups. The local businesses support the club a lot, as well.

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