Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in Mackenzie, B.C.

Trial maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to Mackenzie, B.C.

A snowmobiler gets massive air off a mountain as the sun shines overhead.

Top 10 places to snowmobile in Northern B.C.

Here’s a list of the top 10 locations to go snowmobiling in Northern British Columbia

by Kyle Born
A photo of a mountain bowl near Mackenzie, B.C.
Mackenzie, BC

Top three riding areas in Mackenzie, B.C.

Three sledding areas around Mackenzie, B.C.

by Jessica Kirby
Unknown rider on Morfee Mountain in Mackenzie. 

Photo by: Marlon Spooner
Mackenzie, BC

Full-throttle photos from Mackenzie

Readers send in their photographs of Mackenzie's Rocky Mountain terrain.

Snowmobiling in Mackenzie, BC
Mackenzie, BC

Porch to powder in Mackenzie, BC

Snowmobiling usually starts in the month of November and runs clear into May, offering family-friendly trails and fresh powder for eager enthusiasts.

by Trish Drinkle
A snowmobiler admires the view from on top of Morfee Mountain near Mackenzie, BC.
Mackenzie, BC

A year round adventure destination

In Mackenzie, B.C., you can go sledding, quadding and jet boating all in the same day.

by Kris Dickeson
Rocky Mountain Riders atop Murray's Range.
Mackenzie, BC

Sledding in Mackenzie means lots of deep pow

Marlon Spooner of the Rocky Mountain Riders snowmobile club outlines his favourite riding areas.

by Karen Kornelsen
A snowmobiler cresting a hill near Mackenzie.
Mackenzie, BC

Adventure seekers explore off the beaten trail in Mackenzie

Lawrence Napier of Mackenzie, B.C., knows his way around the backcountry.

by Jessica Kirby
A rider in a yellow jacket sits on his snowmobile at the top of a snowy crest. A dramatic blue sky contrasts the snow and gray rocks.
Mackenzie, BC

Fun and fresh powder

Mackenzie, B.C., offers great riding along with an exciting snowmobiling event in March.

by Kristen Mitchell
Mackenzie, BC

Mackenzie is the real deal when it comes to sledding

Mackenzie, B.C., offers snowmobilers easy access to spectacular sledding areas that include Morfee Mountain and Pine Pass.

Photo of a person riding a snowmobile along a ridge with the sunset in the foreground.
Mackenzie, BC

Morfee is the main draw

Advice on where to go snowmobiling in Mackenzie, B.C. and how to get there.

by Kirsten Armleder
Man on a snowmobile in powder
Mackenzie, BC

Powder connection

Friends and members of the Rocky Mountain Riders Snowmobile Club talk up the abundant powder and fun in Mackenzie, British Columbia.

by Lisa Crane
Mackenzie, BC

Mackenzie, BC trail map

by Carol Ann Quibell
Mackenzie, BC

Hitting the high points

Sledders in Mackenzie, B.C., look forward to the upcoming snowmobiling season with great anticipation.

by Carol Ann Quibell
Mackenzie, BC

The young and the restless

Great snow quality and the opportunity to do any kind of snowmobiling are what make Mackenzie, B.C., such an appealing destination.

person sledding
Mackenzie, BC

A winter paradise beckons

Opportunities abound around Mackenzie, B.C., for snowmobilers to ride everything from family-friendly trails to mountainous powdery bowls.

snowmobile at the top of a mountain viewpoint
Mackenzie, BC

Making new tracks

Despite being in the minority, female snowmobilers in Mackenzie, B.C., are taking the trails by storm.

a snowmobiler taking a jump over a hill
Mackenzie, BC

A king among destinations

Mackenzie, B.C., is surrounded by an abundance of sledding areas, from Morfee Mountain to the Old Friend Trail.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Mackenzie