Porch to powder in Mackenzie, BC

Snowmobiling usually starts in the month of November and runs clear into May, offering family-friendly trails and fresh powder for eager enthusiasts.

by Trish Drinkle

Snowmobiling in Mackenzie, BC
Blue skies and plenty of snow make Mackenzie a powder playground for snowmobilers. Contributed photo

The forestry town of Mackenzie, B.C., is located 182 kilometres north of Prince George. It truly is a winter wonderland for those who enjoy ice fishing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, skating, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Named after explorer Alexander Mackenzie, the town has much to offer by way of history and adventure, and riders cherish the ample fresh snowfall. 

“We can ride in four feet of fluffy fresh with bluebird skies,” said rider Richelle Maser, “then watch it dump heaps of snow all night, only to ride in the same conditions the next day.”

In fact, Mackenzie’s snowfalls leave many a rider searching for their freshly buried sleds. With ample terrain to ride, many will pack extra gas to fully enjoy the Mackenzie adventure to the max. 

“Our smiles lasted a week after our adventures riding in the Mackenzie area,” said Maser.

Snowmobiling usually starts in the month of November and runs clear into May, offering family-friendly trails and fresh powder for eager enthusiasts. Mackenzie is known for porch-to-powder access, and many destinations have staging from the townsite. There is a fenced and monitored compound next to the recreation centre in downtown Mackenzie, offering travelers safe and secure storage for their snowmobiles.

The Rocky Mountain Riders snowmobile club is working hard to develop more trail systems within the Mackenzie area and welcomes new members to the tightly knit club. As advocates for stewardship and safety, club members are a great resource for newcomers to the area.

Morfee Mountain

The snowmobiling trails in and around the Morfee Mountain area provide user-friendly access, allowing families to get out and enjoy the day. Staging for Morfee Mountain is two kilometres from the townsite along Highway 97, with parking on the right hand side of the road. With epic views of the northern Rockies and the Rocky Mountain Trench, these scenic groomed trails winding through the forests along the Gagnon Trail will feed your soul and quench your thirst for adventure. The typically cooler temperatures of the Mackenzie area mean an abundance of dry, fresh powder, the holy grail for any snowmobiler.

Along the 50 kilometres of trails you’ll find two warming huts complete with wood stoves, where you can warm up and recharge for the day. The first cabin is approximately 15 kilometres from the parking area and is a perfect staging area for the many families who enjoy this trail. The second cabin is 10 kilometres deeper into the trail system, leading into more advanced terrain for seasoned and experienced riders.

Morfee Lake has an abundance of terrain for new riders or families who’d like to combine fishing and skating with snowmobile adventures.

Pine Bowl and Bijoux Trail

The Pine Bowl/Bijoux Trail is a bit more demanding than the Morfee range. About 40 minutes north of Mackenzie on Highway 97, just south of the Powder King ski hill, you’ll find signs for staging on the left hand side of the road. A scenic, meandering trail weaving through the trees leads riders to the first cabin in the ride zone. The second cabin, Mount West, lies farther along the loop and just north of Powder King. Here eager riders lay the smackdown, carving into sheer white room bliss with even deeper powder than the Morfee range,

Murray Range

Considered an area for more advanced riders, the Murray Range is big terrain. Endless bowls and deep powder riding will challenge the most experienced rider. Staging is 20 minutes north of the Powder King ski hill on the right hand side of the road.

“The terrain is big,” said rider Gillene Gauthier. “What I appreciate about the Murray Range is (that) access to the terrain is only about a kilometre from the staging area, with ample snowfall.”

Many ride this area during the springtime, further extending the season.

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