Full-throttle photos from Mackenzie

Readers send in their photographs of Mackenzie's mountain terrain, fluffy snow and family fun.

Unknown rider on Morfee Mountain in Mackenzie. 

Photo by: Marlon Spooner
Riding into the sunset on Morfee Mountain near Mackenzie, B.C. Marlon Spooner photo

Mackenzie is located north of Prince George and south of Williston Lake reservoir, the largest man-made lake in British Columbia. Forestry and mining are the economic drivers. The skyline is dominated by Morfee Mountain, where the Rocky Mountain Riders snowmobile club maintains two cabins. The terrain around here can be challenging, but there are also plenty of places for families to play in the powder.

Besides Morfee Mountain, the sledding areas are Pine Pass, Beaver Creek/Murray Range and Bijoux Falls. Enjoy these photographs submitted by local snowmobilers. Contact the Rocky Mountain Riders snowmobile club at 250-997-1701 for more information. 

Marlon Spooner of the Rocky Mountain Riders
Marlon Spooner getting some air on a winter's day. Sam Anderson photo
Mario Pineau and friends on Morfee Mountain
Photo courtesy Mario Pineau
Mario Pineau and friends on Morfee Mountain. Mario Pineau photo

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