There are a number of warm-up shelters around St. Paul, so you can rest up before heading back out for more adventures.

See you in St. Paul

Snowmobiling in St. Paul and area is on many sledders' bucket lists.

by Danielle Cameron
Smoky Lake offers some of Alberta's top snowmobiling terrain.

The ever-enticing Lakeland trails

Alberta's Lakeland communities make sledders feel at home, with their exceptional snowmobiling trails.

by Danielle Cameron

A top destination along the Iron Horse Trail

The town of St. Paul is a friendly haven for snowmobilers riding Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail.

by Kirsten Armleder
A Ski-Doo sled parked on a lake with the pink sunset behind it.

Scenery, services and the lengthiest trail in Alberta

Alberta’s Lakeland is an open canvas of natural beauty, and running straight through the heart of it is the Iron Horse Trail.

by Kirsten Armleder
Snowmobiles travel down the Iron Horse Trail near St. Paul, Alberta
Iron Horse Trail, AB

Enjoy Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail

Sledders will find diverse landscapes, laid-back riding, additional trail systems and lots to do on the Iron Horse Trail.

by Kristen Mitchell
3 sledders on Iron Horse Trail.
Smoky Lake, AB

Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail offers plenty of sledding opportunities

Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail offers more than 300 km of trails

by Kimberly Schoenberger
Iron Horse Trail, AB

Getting unstuck in Smoky Lake

Vern Billey and some fellow sledders had to call a Cat to help dig them out of a snowbank while sledding around Smoky Lake.

by Jessica Kirby
Iron Horse Trail, AB

A nighttime ride in Smoky Lake

One afternoon ride turned into a longer-than-expected adventure—but one that epitomizes the great snowmobiling in Smoky Lake, Alberta.

by Jessica Kirby
St. Paul, AB

Powering up for treasure hunting in Alberta’s Lakeland

Geocaching brings travellers to Alberta’s Lakeland region to traverse the Iron Horse Trail by foot, ATV, snowmobile, bike or even horseback.

by Jessica Kirby
a sledder on a wide, flat trail
Iron Horse Trail, AB

The great Lakeland

Sledding in Bonnyville and Cold Lake, Alberta, is everything snowmobiling should be.

Iron Horse Trail sledders
Iron Horse Trail, AB

An adventure awaits

The Iron Horse Trail is a 300-kilometre traversal of Alberta, which passes through more than 18 communities along the way.

Jason Yacey sledding
Iron Horse Trail, AB

Building on the Iron Horse Trail

One of Alberta’s favourite multi-use trails, the Iron Horse Trail, continues to evolve due to the efforts of the surrounding communities.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Iron Horse Trail