Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in Cold Lake, Alberta

Trail maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to Cold Lake.

cloudy skies and a bridge over Cold Lake
Cold Lake, AB

Cold Lake connects sledders

For those who love snowmobiling in Alberta's Lakeland region, Cold Lake serves as a gateway to paradise.

by Danielle Cameron
Chris Rourke poses on his snowmobile in front of a warm-up shelter
Cold Lake, AB

The strongest bond between father and son rests on a cold lake

Chris Rourke, Cold Lake Snowmobile Club member, had his best day ever while reintroducing his dad to snowmobiling

by Kyle Born
Chris Coosemans is high in the air on his snowmobile

Explore the diversity of Northern Alberta

Alberta’s Lakeland region has multiple terrains to ride, such as farmland, bush, cutlines and hills to climb

by Kyle Born
“People having a more and more pleasurable experience makes snowmobiling sustainable.”
Cold Lake, AB

What does 50 years of selling snowmobiles teach us?

Jerry Bidulock has been selling snowmobiles for 50 years. If anyone is qualified to forecast what’s next for our favourite pastime, it’s Bidulock.

by Kyle Born
“I love the freedom. Hop on and the world is your oyster.”
Cold Lake, AB

This lone wolf soars like an eagle

Chris Coosemans cruises across Cold Lake, Alberta

by Kyle Born
Dean Dube on his sled.
Cold Lake, AB

Cold Lake favourites

Gear up for sledding in Cold Lake, Alberta

by Lisa Crane
Cold Lake, AB

Where cold is cool

Cold Lake, Alberta, holds the first snowmobile freestyle event

by Dan Williams
St. Paul, AB

Powering up for treasure hunting in Alberta’s Lakeland

Geocaching brings travellers to Alberta’s Lakeland region to traverse the Iron Horse Trail by foot, ATV, snowmobile, bike or even horseback.

by Jessica Kirby

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Cold Lake