Cold Lake favourites

Dean Dube, president of the Cold Lake Snowmobile Club, can’t think of anything better to do in winter than to sled straight to the trails from his doorstep.

by Lisa Crane

Dean Dube on his sled.
Dean Dube has been sledding all his life. Photo courtesy Dean Dube

Dean Dube has been sledding all his life and has been the president of the Cold Lake Snowmobile Club for six years. He has been a member of the club since 1998. Dube said he likes absolutely everything about the area.

“I can sled right from my doorstep, right to where I want to go,” said Dube. “There is so much riding around here.”

Favourite winter pastime

The Cold Lake area ties into Saskatchewan, and sledders use the Iron Horse Trail as part as the Trans-Canadian Snowmobile Trail. This popular trail ends at Cold Lake and offers a diverse array of play areas, said Dube.

“From Cold Lake, there are 330 kilometres of trails to access,” said Dube.

He said that unfortunately there was a fire at one of the trestles of the Iron Horse, and Cold Lake was cut off from the rest of the trail. Fundraising is underway to rebuild the trestle, he said.

“One of the best rides that I had last season was using the Iron Horse Trail. It had been freshly groomed, it was a beautiful day and it was one of the only times I got to ride it—I usually groom it,” said Dube.

“But from my doorstep, across Cold Lake and over to the Crane Lake cabin is probably my favourite ride,” said Dube. “We do a lot of family sledding now, with my significant other Lana and the kids (six, nine and eleven). They all have sleds.”

“I remember my first ride of the season,” said Dube, “because I blew my sled up. It was my favourite ride until that happened.”

Next season

Dube is the main groomer for the Cold Lake Club. He is in for a busy year, as a snowy season is predicted.

“I am starting to think about getting the sleds ready and do a bit of work for the kids' sled,” said Dube. “We have a few things planned for the club and we are thinking about putting a member poker rally together. We are happy to encourage new members.”

Check out more information about sledding in Alberta at the Alberta Snowmobile Association.

Meet the rider

Name: Dean Dube

Lives in: Cold Lake, Alberta

Hometown: I moved here in 1979 from Calgary.

First sled: A 1970 Kitty Cat. Almost 40 years ago—I remember being able to ride at a young age when a lot of people didn’t have the same opportunity.

Current sled: A 2011 Polaris Assault. It is easy to handle, fun in the short hills and a good all-round machine.

Favourite thing about sledding? Being out riding and getting away from everything.

What do you like about Cold Lake? It has multiple terrains. You can ride farmland, the bush, endless cutlines, and you can get into some hills to climb. In town you can ride from your doorstep to the nearest trailhead—that is a great thing about here.

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