Record number of SledTown ShowDown votes come in the early days of round 3

Round 3 of SledTown ShowDown is drawing huge numbers

SledTown ShowDown trophies sit in the snow
Who will win the SledTown ShowDown trophy? Kyle Born photo

What destination will take home the SledTown ShowDown trophy this season? A record number of votes have come in on the SnoRider’s SledTown ShowDown in the first few days of round three, which see a number of popular snowmobile destinations compete for the SledTown ShowDown championship.

Over 3,600 votes have been received. That’s an average of over 1,000 per day.

Provincial voting

Here’s a breakdown so far in early voting: 

B.C.: 1649

Manitoba: 898

Alberta: 657

Saskatchewan: 429

Total votes: 3,613 (so far in the early going)

Close races

Here is snapshot of some of the closest races in round three. The four most competitive battles take place in B.C. and Manitoba.

B.C.: Tumbler Ridge (52%) holds a sliver of a lead over Revelstoke (48%).

B.C.: Sicamous (57%) is edging Valemount (43%).

Manitoba: Flin Flon (53%) is up on Powerview-Pine Falls (47%).

Manitoba: Lac du Bonnet (51%) is currently squeaking by Thompson (49%).

Be sure to vote for your SledTown community. Round 3 ends November 25. 

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