Nipawin wins! Saskatchewan has a new SledTown ShowDown provincial champ

Nipawin is Saskatchewan’s 2021 SledTown ShowDown provincial champion

by Kyle Born

Nipawin is the SK Provincial Winner.

For the first time ever, Nipawin has become Saskatchewan’s SledTown ShowDown champion.

With amazing scenery, pretty trails and riding routes that branch off in all directions, Nipawin is the start of an amazing snowmobiling experience. Sledders can ride to Greenwater, Hudson Bay, Candle Lake and Little Bear, and the popular Trans-Canadian Snowmobile Trail is another key link. The community of Nipawin is very supportive of sledders, too. No wonder it was voted Saskatchewan’s 2021 SledTown ShowDown provincial champion!

Nipawin’s snowmobile trails are maintained by the Twin Lakes Trail Blazers. This snowmobile club is a big reason why Nipawin is such a popular destination for snowmobilers across Saskatchewan. Here’s what club member Kelly Palidwar had to say about Nipawin’s huge accomplishment.

How did your club rally the community to vote for SledTown ShowDown?

We used social media to reach the many people who travel here to ride and emailed our membership base. Our town tourism department also promoted the contest.

What was your reaction to winning the 2021 SledTown ShowDown Provincial Championship?

We’re very happy to win! We get so many great comments on our trail system and warm-up shelters.

What was your club and community’s response to the win?

Normally we’d be planning a year-end party where we could have celebrated with our community, but Covid won’t allow that. So we’ve shared the win on social media only.

Why do you think snowmobilers are so passionate about riding in Nipawin?

We have a great trail system with open powder areas, winding scenic treed areas, challenging hills and family-friendly areas. We have replaced all four of our warm-up shelters to brand new buildings that each feel like a “cabin in the woods.” We have the only trail that crosses the top of a hydro dam. We worked very hard with many organizations and government branches to make that a reality.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

We have an amazing volunteer base that call themselves the “Socialables.” They are completely responsible for increasing our membership, obtaining full sponsorship for three of four of the brand new warm-up shelters and constructing/renovating each and every one of them. They are passionate about the sport of snowmobiling and our community.

A bracket that shows the first four rounds of SledTown ShowDown in Saskatchewan.

Voting history in Saskatchewan’s 2021 SledTown ShowDown bracket:

Congratulations to Nipawin, Saskatchewan’s 2021 SledTown ShowDown provincial champion! This is Nipawin’s first provincial title.

Nipawin (4,164 votes 59%) had a strong showing once again in Round 4 and kept Carrot River/Arborfield (2,949 votes, 41%) in the rearview from the outset.

A major upset occured in Saskatchewan during Round 3. Hudson Bay was the provincial champion the last two years and expected to be in that position again. Those lofty goals came crashing down as Nipawin (4,088 votes, 53%) pulled off a nail biter victory over the reigning provincial champ, Hudson Bay (3,614 votes, 47%).

During Round 2, Nipawin (308 votes, 55%) made it past Porcupine Plain (255 votes, 45%) unscathed.

In Round 1, Nipawin (205 votes, 54%) was in a tough fight with Archerwill (173 votes, 46%) and managed to make it through the other side.

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