Full Throttle: A list of the most extreme snowmobile movies in cyberspace

Have you seen these rad sled flicks?

by Kyle Born

A red flaming graphic says Sledfarm Rising with an image of a phoenix and a photo of a snowy mountain in the background.
Watching the most talented sledders in the world take to the air with wicked jumps behind a thumping soundtrack has proven to be a winning formula. Photo courtesy Sheldon Kelly

Snowmobile videos have been capturing the attention and imagination of sledheads for decades. But with DVDs being synonymous with dinosaurs, we thought we’d take a look at what’s available online. Here’s what you can see for free:

Sledfarm Rising the Film

The top riders in Canada, catching some of the biggest airs, riding some of the biggest terrain, climbing some of the biggest chutes ever—all filmed with the best 4K camera gear that they can get onto a mountain by some of the most creative snowmobile filmmakers behind the lens.

509 Films Backcountry Backflips and Exploring Glaciers!

Cody McNolty and the crew soak up some late spring sun in B.C., heading into the deep backcountry to explore some amazing zones topped off with some heavy hits!


Join the Boondockers Crew for an exciting season of storm chasing, cliff dropping, and pillow popping.

Freerider Filmz

It might not all be action shots, but it’s evident the sledders at Freerider Filmz love doing what they do. 

Thunderstruck 16

This film takes the deepest and lightest powder snow in years, the best climbing conditions in years, and many of the craziest technical and air-time sledders in the world and pounds them into a raging stew of in-your-face extreme snowmobiling!

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