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Hop on your sled and enjoy the haven that is Prince Albert. Photo courtesy Prince Albert Tourism Marketing

Prince Albert is the hub of northern Saskatchewan, and is a good jumping-off point for a snowmobiling adventure in the thickly forested areas surrounding this city. Sledders here like to take advantage of the excellent trails at nearby Christopher Lake, Candle Lake and Emma Lake. Via the Trans Canada Trail, snowmobilers can also connect to the trails around Big River and Debden. 

A few years ago, the community established its own snowmobile club, the Prince Albert Trail Riders Inc., in order to develop the trail systems and encourage more people to take part in the sport.

Prince Albert snowmobile trail map

Snowmobiling trails near Prince Albert, SK

While you can't snowmobile within city limits, there are numerous trails beginning just outside the city, which run from central to northern Saskatchewan. Sledders relish the combination of prairie and boreal forest terrain in this region.

Every year the local club works with the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association to expand their riding terrain. The groomed networks have already grown to reach about an 80-kilometre (50-mile) radius around the city. 

You can also ride from Prince Albert to several established snowmobiling zones, such as Candle Lake, Christopher Lake, Big River and the national park riding areas

Where to buy a snowmobile trail pass in Prince Albert, SK

Saskatchewan snowmobilers have access to the trails as part of their annual provincial registration fee, which can be purchased at any Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) broker location. Riders coming from out of province need to have valid registration and insurance as per laws inside their home province or state. 

Prince Albert snow conditions

To find out the current snow conditions, check the local club's Facebook page.

Local snowmobile club in Prince Albert, SK

The Prince Albert Trail Riders Inc. have put a ton of time, energy and effort into revitalizing Prince Albert's sledding scene. They've only just begun - a number of new developments are in the works to make the snowmobiling here even more appealing.

Prince Albert, SK tourism info

Prince Albert & District Chamber of Commerce
City of Prince Albert

Driving distances to Prince Albert, SK

What local snowmobilers say about Prince Albert, SK

MaryAnne Larson and her husband, Trent, were inspired by their shared passion for snowmobiling. They now own Lake Country Rentals and help other riders take picturesque rides like this. - Photo courtesy Trent Larson

“When you’re riding through the forest you’re really experiencing Saskatchewan and Canada at its best. I think anyone who hasn’t snowmobiled in northern Saskatchewan is really missing out."

- Kevin Punshon, local sledder

“What I like about it, especially living in Prince Albert now, is we have all these new trails. I’m not a ski-dooer who can follow the highway and ride in the ditch. That’s what I like to do—get out into nature. I like that we can all get on ski-doos and ride from Candle Lake to Christopher Lake and have a coffee, sandwiches and hot cups of soup before heading back to our own community. It’s about friendship, and you’re out in the fresh air. I’ve seen some incredible wildlife while I’ve been out. It’s unbelievable.”

- Greg Dionne, mayor of Prince Albert


Provincial rules and regulations

The laws governing snowmobile use differ by province and can be confusing. Here, we make it easier to understand what local and out of province snowmobilers will need in terms of insurance, registration and licensing to ride B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Prince Albert

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