Jillian Clark

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Jillian loves to help others share their stories, and writing for SnoRiders lets her do just that. She learns about places she’s never been from the people who grew up there, and puts their words to paper for the rest of us to read. What’s even more rewarding than loving your own work, is the reactions from those whose stories she’s shared. See more of Jill’s work at wordsbyjill.com.

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A sledder on the wide open prairie under a sky where the sun is starting to set.
Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB

Whiteshell Provincial Park must-see photo tour

Whiteshell Provincial Park offers winter fun in a snowy landscape.

by Jillian Clark
An ATV sitting up on a bank that overlooks the North Saskatchewan River, near Lindbergh.
SledLife, St. Paul, AB

Lakeland’s Regional Trail system pushes for bigger and better trails

New trails throughout the Lakeland promise new adventures for both winter and summer explorers

by Jillian Clark
With Endless adventure opportunities, riders can go for hundreds of miles experiencing a new adventure each trip.  Photo Dave Connell
Fort McMurray, AB

Where can I get trail passes and trail maps for Fort McMurray?

All the information you need to know about trail passes and trail maps in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

by Jillian Clark
Battleford's Trail Breakers expertly maneuver through Saskatchewan's rolling hills and valleys. These riders are headed toward Turtle Lake, just North of Cormack Hut.
North Battleford, SK

Breathtaking photos of northwestern Saskatchewan’s trails

North Battleford provides sledders with valleys, views and Saskatchewan’s best shelters.

by Jillian Clark
Corrina Kapeller pictured at the entrance to Hudson Bay in 2014. The Hudson Bay Trail Riders hosted the CEO of Tourism Saskatchewan and Marketing Manager that year.
Hudson Bay, SK

Where do I get trail maps and trail passes for Hudson Bay?

If you're headed to Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, for sledding, check out these details about where to find trail maps and trail passes.

by Jillian Clark
Club member Carl Palke riding the Greenbush trails. Part of the Hudson Bay trails wind through the forest.
Hudson Bay, SK

The picture-perfect trails of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan

Groomed trails and fresh powder are just around the corner for Saskatchewan’s snow riders.

by Jillian Clark
A line of riders from the Athabasca Rier Runners club, on the Grassy Lake trail.
Athabasca, AB

Check out Athabasca’s trail photos to get excited for the sledding season

Athabasca County’s groomed trails balance adventure with safety and winter wonderland with warm-up shacks.

by Jillian Clark