The picture-perfect trails of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan

Groomed trails and fresh powder are just around the corner for Saskatchewan’s snow riders.

by Jillian Clark

Club member Carl Palke riding the Greenbush trails. Part of the Hudson Bay trails wind through the forest.
Club member Carl Palke riding the Greenbush trails. Photo by Jeanine Holowatuik

Pack your bags, people: We’re about to take you on a photo journey to the Hudson Bay Trails of east-central Saskatchewan. The town of Hudson Bay acts as a central point to endless stretches of snowy trails each winter. Be sure to add this well-known snow riding town to your bucket list.

Nestled in the Red Deer Valley, Hudson Bay often experiences an extended sledding season, from November through April. The Pasquia Hills protect the trails in the north, while the Porcupine Hills guard the southeast. These scenic trails run through flawless forests, alongside wintery rivers and up to high elevations.

Hudson Bay’s perfect trails have held the platinum award for the Best Overall Trails in Saskatchewan for 10 years and counting. As if the natural scenery wasn’t enough.

The town itself welcomes sledders, especially with the Hudson Bay Trail Riders watching over the powder. Plenty of accommodations, trail information and sledder-friendly events fill the winter months. Riders can expect family-friendly trails, as well as stretches more suitable for seasoned sledders.

The Hudson Bay Trail Riders maintain the 680 kilometres of groomed trails that wind through the untouched provincial forestry land. The club’s volunteers ensure that the 12 warm-up shelters are ready for sledders exploring the trails each season. But these are more than one-trick trails. Average snowfalls of six feet create a smattering of fresh powder and long stretches to challenge seasoned riders.

Check out these photos captured by Hudson Bay Trail Riders on their picture-perfect trails.

The Hudson Bay Straight Trail is found North of the town.
The Hudson Bay Straight Trail is found north of the town. Photo by Jeanine Holowatuik
Nolan Dalpe enjoying some off-trail opportunities. This ride hosted the 2015 Saskatchewanderer.
Nolan Dalpe enjoying some off-trail opportunities. Photo by Jeanine Holowatuik

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