Barrhead Hotshot photo

Tyler Fitzpatrick was proud to break in his new sled in Barrhead, Alberta.
Debbie Westman is the North West Alberta Regional Director for the Alberta Snowmobile Association.
Barrhead, AB

Rad Riders: Debbie Westman

Ski-Dooer from Barrhead can’t wait for snow to fall!

by Jillian Clark
Darren and Baukje Strawson, in a cabin warming up.
Barrhead, AB

Passing on snowmobiling to the next generation

Wild Country Powersports is the unofficial HQ for snowmobiling in Barrhead, Alberta.

by Trish Drinkle
A group of Northern Lights Snowmobile Club members heading out for a ride just after Christmas of 2012.
Barrhead, AB

Uncrowded and peaceful sledding in Barrhead, Alberta

For Dale Bentz, riding near Barrhead, Alberta, means lots of wildlife, uncrowded trails and enjoying winter in its entirety.

by Karen Kornelsen
A group of riders in snowmobile gear stand outside a green corrugated cabin in the snow.
Barrhead, AB

The camaraderie of it all

The Northern Lights Snowmobile Club of Barrhead, Alberta, boasts a great group of people with a love for the sport.

by Kristen Mitchell
Snowmobiling warm-up shelter with a group of sledders gathered outside it.
Barrhead, AB

Snowmobiling in Barrhead means scenic trails and cozy cabins

Snowmobilers of all levels will enjoy the scenery and well-maintained trails in Barrhead, Alberta.

by Michelle Carr Johnston
Barrhead, AB

Barrhead boasts varied terrain and deep snow

Trails and cabins are maintained by the Northern Lights Snowmobile Club in Barrhead, Alberta

by Michelle Carr Johnston
Barrhead, AB

The deeper the better

When asked to share a memorable day of sledding, Al Breitkreitz recalled a day in late March on the flatlands around Barrhead, Alberta.

by Dan Williams
People sledding
Barrhead, AB

The world is at your fingertips

Barrhead and Westlock are towns that teem with sledding possibilities

The Petruchiks stand beside a rock formation on top of a mountain
Barrhead, AB

The snow summons

Brenda Petruchik, her husband, Greg, and their two sons, Nick and Blair, all love to sled and frequent the trails around Barrhead as a family every winter

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Barrhead