The snow summons

Winter is this family’s favourite season by far

The Petruchiks stand beside a rock formation on top of a mountain
The Petruchik family heads to the hills near Barrhead for some superb sledding. Photo courtesy Brenda Petruchik

Brenda Petruchik, her husband, Greg, and their two sons, Nick and Blair, all love to sled and frequent the trails around Barrhead as a family every winter. Petruchik said that she rode when she was a little girl but really got into it when her sons were born.

“(Nick and Blair) are 22 and 18 now,” said Petruchik. “We mostly ride as a family and we go to the mountains. Now that my son is married, they still come but he brings his wife and we have her riding too.”

Petruchik is also the secretary-treasurer for the Northern Lights Snowmobile Club in Barrhead. There are more than 10 dedicated female riders in the club. Petruchik said that once a week all of the ladies try to get together for a girls-only ride.

“We have three cabins and we ride out to our closest cabin,” said Petruchik. “We have hot chocolate, hang out and ride back.”

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