Barrhead boasts varied terrain and deep snow

There's something for every snowmobiler in Barrhead

by Michelle Carr Johnston

The town of Barrhead is located in central Alberta, about 120 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, at the intersection of highways 33 and 18. Home of the Northern Lights Snowmobile Club, Barrhead is the perfect getaway for sledders looking for some wilderness adventure.

The main draw: Shoal Lake Cabin to Goodrich Cabin

The Northern Lights Snowmobile Club maintains a series of cabins along its trails; the cabins are perfect places for gathering before a ride or meeting up along the way. One of the most popular routes takes snowmobilers from the Shoal Lake Cabin to the Goodrich Cabin and back. The staging area is off Highway 33, next to the fire hall. Trail maps can be picked up right across the street at Barrhead Motorsports.

Sledders’ hangouts

The Crown and Derby Pub, located at the Barrhead Neighbourhood Inn, is a popular meeting place for local sledders. If you’re not already staying here, you’ll pass the inn on the way to the staging area for the Shoal Lake ride.

Extended stay

If you can stay on in Barrhead for a day or two longer, why not enjoy a nice long ride. Starting at the same staging area, you can carry on, heading north, to the Flatbush Cabin. From there, continuing north you can connect with the Trans-Canada Snowmobile Trail and travel onward to Athabasca and Slave Lake. Gary Belanger, vice-president of the Northern Lights club, has one essential piece of advice: bring extra fuel.

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