Snap Shot: Round 3 of the SledTown ShowDown “Rocked” with a record 24,000+ votes

Here’s a breakdown of how the voting went in Round 3

Thompson advanced to the finals in the Manitoba bracket of the SledTown ShowDown.
Thompson advanced to the finals in the Manitoba bracket of the SledTown ShowDown. Photo courtesy Sally Oleschak

It seems hard to imagine but SnoRiders SledTown Showdown in 2018 broke all voting records with the huge number of 24,133 votes registered during Round 3, which determined the finalists in each province. Round 4 now pits these finalists against each other to determine each provincial winners.

Based on the history of voting so far, it would appear that Flin Flon, Manitoba, is prepared to take a serious run for the title of SledTown ShowDown champion for 2019, having racked up 4,241 votes in Round 3. In reality, any one of the provincial finalists has the ability to rally their riders, club members and supporters to capture the title—destinations like Tumbler Ridge (2,240 votes) and Sicamous (2,262) are certainly in play, with Thompson, Manitoba (2,438 votes), putting up a strong showing—and don’t count out Fox Creek, Alberta (881 votes), or Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan (554 votes).

Get on your social media accounts and get your votes in for Round 4. Remember, you can vote once every day through the deadline on December 9th, 2018.

Here’s a breakdown of how the voting went in Round 3:

Manitoba (was the vote-getting leader in Round 3)

Flin Flon: 4,241 votes

Pine Falls: 3,863 votes

Thompson: 2,438 votes

Lac Du Bonnet: 2,163 votes

Total votes: 12,805


British Columbia (2nd most votes in Round 3)

Sicamous: 2,262

Tumbler Ridge: 2,240

Valemount: 2,123

Revelstoke: 1,390

Total Votes: 8,105


Alberta (3rd in number of votes Round 3)

Fox Creek: 881 votes

Edson: 486 votes

Crowsnest Nest Pass: 352 votes

Barrhead: 185 votes

Total Votes: 1,904


Saskatchewan (4th in votes Round 4)

Hudson Bay: 554 votes

Carrot River/Arborfield: 376 votes

Archerwill: 276 votes

Tisdale: 203 votes

Total Votes: 1,409


Total Votes all provinces Round 3 – 24,133

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