Round 5: SledTown ShowDown 2022 provincial winners have at it

SledTown ShowDown 2022 showcases the most popular snowmobile destinations from each Western province

by Kyle Born

The provincial finals of SledTown ShowDown 2022 have wrapped up. Three of the four provincial duels were over in a hurry while one province (Alberta) came down to the wire. That means we have four new champions to crown. Congratulations to McBride, Swan Hills, Hudson Bay and Flin Flon on becoming their province’s champions and advancing to Round 5: the semi-finals!

Which two provincial champions will advance through Round 5 and take their places in the finals? Before you make your decision, let’s take a look at how Round 4: the provincial finals played out:

British Columbia:

Congratulations to McBride, British Columbia’s 2022 SledTown ShowDown provincial champion! This is McBride’s third straight provincial title and fourth in the last five years (2018, 2020, 2021, 2022). McBride won the entire SledTown ShowDown competition back in 2018 and has the opportunity to become the first two-time champ in SledTown ShowDown history.

British Columbia’s finale was short on drama, as McBride (771 votes 73%) breezed by Fernie (281 votes 27%) to pick up its fourth provincial award.

Total votes from B.C. in Round 4: 1,052.


Congratulations to Swan Hills, Alberta’s 2022 SledTown ShowDown provincial champion! This is Swan Hills’ first provincial title.

Alberta ended up having the only competitive SledTown ShowDown provincial finale. It was a tight one throughout, but Swan Hills (990 votes, 54%) came out on top of Crowsnest Pass (849 votes, 46%) to take the victory.

Total votes from Alberta in Round 4: 1,839.


Congratulations to Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan’s 2022 SledTown ShowDown provincial champion! This is Hudson Bay’s fourth provincial title.

Saskatchewan’s provincial finals had all the makings of a classic matchup. Hudson Bay, three-time provincial champs, going up against last year’s provincial representative, Nipawin. Once the matchup got underway, however, it didn’t take long to discover who would win this contest. Hudson Bay (1,613 votes 61%) sped past Nipawin (1,029 votes 39%) to claim its fourth SledTown ShowDown provincial championship for Saskatchewan.

Total votes from Saskatchewan in Round 4: 2,634.


Congratulations to Flin Flon, Manitoba’s 2022 SledTown ShowDown provincial champion! This is Flin Flon’s third provincial title in the last four years (2019, 2020, 2022). Flin Flon won the entire SledTown ShowDown competition back in 2020 and has the opportunity to become the first two-time champ in SledTown ShowDown history.

Manitoba’s provincial finale wasn’t much of a contest. Flin Flon (2,340 votes, 74%) flexed in a big way during a dominant victory over runner-up Snow Lake (838 votes, 26%).

Total votes from Manitoba in Round 4: 3,178.

Total votes from all provinces in Round 4: 8,703!
Total votes from all provinces in Round 3: 15,463!
Total votes from all provinces in Round 2: 12,123!
Total votes from all provinces in Round 1: 13,822!
Total votes throughout the competition: 50,111!

It’s up to you to put your favourite snowmobiling destinations in a position to claim victory. The polls are open and it’s time to cast your votes in the 8th annual SledTown ShowDown. You can head over to the main contest page and vote once a day until the current round closes.

Round 5 runs April 5 to 17, 2022.

New to the contest? This is how it works: we start with 16 destinations from each Western province in Canada. Each round, our readers vote for their favourites and the destinations get whittled down. By Round 4, we’ll have our provincial winners, which will go head-to-head until only one town remains to be crowned the 2022 SledTown ShowDown Champion of Western Canada. For a full account of previous SledTown ShowDowns, see our complete history of SnoRiders’ SledTown ShowDown.

Here’s what the winner gets:

A shiny SledTown trophy, bragging rights and feature articles on Plus, it is a chance to raise positive awareness of snowmobiling and to recognize local clubs for all their hard work.

Social media plays a big role in this contest so be sure to hit “share” after you vote to let your friends know about the contest. You can also follow SnoRiders on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for quick updates during the contest. Feel free to tag us in photos and use the #SledTown2022 to promote your favourite town.

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Vote every day for the best chance at seeing your favourite SledTown advance to the next round. Good luck to you and your SledTown. 

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