2020 SledTown ShowDown: Round 4 Update

Over 10,000 votes have been cast at the midway point of Round 4

by Kyle Born

A snowmobiler gets big air.
Round 4 of SledTown ShowDown ends on Sunday night, February 2, at 11:59 p.m. SnoRiders image

The fourth round of SledTown ShowDown is halfway to its conclusion as the February 2 deadline approaches.

Here’s how Round 4 is shaping up:


The defending SledTown ShowDown champion, Tumbler Ridge (43%), is in for some tough sledding if it’s going to win in back-to-back snowmobiling seasons. The 2018 SledTown champion, McBride (57%), has a tight grip on the lead and isn’t likely to back off on the throttle. Which of these two previous SledTown ShowDown winners will emerge as the representative for British Columbia in 2020?

Total votes cast thus far in B.C. during Round 4: 2,080


After three straight rounds of racking up the most votes in the province, Edson (58%) is at it again. Fox Creek (42%) isn’t out of it yet, but its odds of becoming the provincial champion for Alberta are slim. Does Fox Creek have a howler’s chance at scratching away at Edson’s lead or will it wimper away into the woods?

Total votes cast thus far in Alberta during Round 4: 1,838


It’s anybody’s game in Saskatchewan. Hudson Bay (53%) holds a slight lead over Carrot River/Arborfield (47%) but that advantage could soon melt away like stale snow on a warm, sunny day. Which of these stellar Saskatchewan SledTowns can go the distance?

Total votes cast thus far in Saskatchewan during Round 4: 1,586


SledTown ShowDown voters in Manitoba aren’t messing around. This one province has amassed almost half of the votes through the first week of Round 4. Flin Flon (53%) is currently ahead of Thompson (47%). The battle for Manitoba supremacy will be one of endurance. Who can outlast the other?

Total votes cast thus far in Manitoba during Round 4: 4,587

Total votes (so far) from all provinces in Round 4: 10,091!

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Remember you can vote every day, so rally the troops and give your snowmobile riding destination your support. Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, February 2, for Round 4.

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