2020 SledTown ShowDown: Round 2 is underway!

Winter is hereā€”the Game of SledTowns is climbing into chilly territory

by Kyle Born

Round 1 of the 2020 SledTown ShowDown is in the books. The first two weeks of the competition yielded some intriguing results. Here are a few of the highlights:

British Columbia:

All of British Columbia’s favourites made it through Round 1 unscathed. The defending SledTown ShowDown champion, Tumbler Ridge, received 297 votes. Valemount, a provincial powerhouse that has yet to win, tallied 305. 2018 SledTown ShowDown champion McBride got 374 votes and the winner from three years ago, Sicamous, garnered 165. In total, 2,631 votes were cast in B.C. during Round 1.


Last year’s provincial SledTown ShowDown winner for Alberta was Edson. Early indications are that Edson will represent Alberta once again in this year’s contest after picking up 419 of the province’s 2,282 votes made during Round 1.


Saskatchewan SledTowns that have enjoyed success in recent years continue that trend. Hudson Bay, last year’s representative for Saskatchewan, powered into Round 2 with 221 votes. Yorkton, the only previous Saskatchewan SledTown ShowDown champion, rallied late in Round 1 to pick up 211 votes, enough to advance into Round 2. There were 1,885 votes cast in Saskatchewan during Round 1.


Flin Flon was Manitoba’s provincial winner during last year’s SledTown ShowDown and shows no signs of slowing down. Flin Flon received 690 of the 2,780 total votes cast in Manitoba, by far the province’s—and the entire competition’s—biggest vote-getter. Barring a major upset, Flin Flon is on track to represent Manitoba once again.

Total votes (so far) from all provinces in Round 1: 9,578!

The polls are open and it’s time to cast your votes for Round 2 in the 6th Annual SledTown ShowDown. You can head over to the main contest page or vote by provincial bracket once a day until the current round closes:

Round 2 runs December 16, 2019, to January 5, 2020.

New to the contest? This is how it works: we start with 16 destinations from each Western province in Canada. Each round, our readers vote for their favourites and the destinations get whittled down. By Round 4, we’ll have our provincial winners, which will go head-to-head until only one town remains to be crowned the 2019 SledTown ShowDown Champion of Western Canada.

Here’s what the winner gets:

A shiny SledTown trophy, bragging rights and feature articles on SnoRidersWest.com. Plus, it is a chance to raise positive awareness of snowmobiling and to recognize local clubs for all their hard work.

Social media plays a big role in this contest so be sure to hit “share” after you vote to let your friends know about the contest. You can also follow SnoRiders on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for quick updates during the contest. Feel free to tag us in photos and use the #SledTownShowDown to promote your favourite town.

For this month only, we here at SnoRiders are running a contest in which YOU could win an awesome FXR jacket! All you have to do is email your photos to SnoRiders to [email protected], enter the contest directly, or share your pics on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the #SledTown hashtag.

If you’re on our e-Newsletter list, you’ll also get SledTown ShowDown news, plus our best snowmobiling stories, each month. Not on the list? Sign up here.

Remember you can vote every day, so rally the troops and give your snowmobile riding destination your support. Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 5, 2020, for Round 2.

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