Old Sled Zone: 1967 Larson Eagle JLO 247 cc

Lorne’s Vintage Sleds displays a bevy of snowmobiles in Lloydminster, Alberta

by Kyle Born

The 1967 Larson Eagle JLO 247 cc is an oddball—and Larson loves it.
The 1967 Larson Eagle JLO 247 cc is an oddball—and Larson loves it. Photo courtesy Lorne Larson

When it comes to old sleds, Lorne Larson’s snowmobile collection is unparalleled. He keeps his iconic rides on display at Lorne’s Vintage Sleds, his snowmobile museum in Lloydminster, Alberta.

Read an in depth article about Lorne’s Vintage Sleds to get a full grasp of how extensive Laron’s collection of snowmobiles truly is.

Today’s article highlights Larson’s 1967 Larson Eagle JLO 247 cc.

“The orphans or the oddballs that don't exist anymore would be a 1967 Larson Eagle model,” said Larson. “It's got two backrests and a trunk. It's got two headlights and a grill. I think Larson was thinking of a car on the snow or something, ha ha. It is quite a unique looking machine.”

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