The most popular Arctic Cat snowmobile is . . .

by Kyle Born

A stock photo of a green Arctic Cat Alpha.
The Arctic Cat Alpha is one of the best-selling snowmobiles on the market Photo courtesy Arctic Cat

Snowmobiling season is just around the corner. Snowmobile customers aren’t the only ones excited about the upcoming season—powersports store owners, sales staff and others within the industry are equally stoked about playing in the pow this winter. To help get you pumped for the forthcoming frost, we asked snowmobile dealers across Western Canada about their most popular snowmobiles and what trends they see coming on the horizon. Here’s what they had to say about Arctic Cats.


Stan Langley is owner of Universe Satellite Sales in Rocanville, Saskatchewan, and the recent recipient of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations’ (CCSO) Excellence Award for the Outstanding Snowmobile Dealer in Canada.

What is your most popular/best-selling snowmobile?

The Arctic Cat Alphas are big.

Why do you think that is?

The new Alpha One M sled is a big head turner now. It’s very popular. It’s an outstanding sled on the mountains. I got to ride our demo last year out on the trail. I was pretty darn impressed by it.

The single rail in the suspension is a big part of it. It makes for nicer side-hilling and manoeuvring if the guys are riding within the trees. It’s a much better handling machine. It’s not putting out as much horsepower as some of the other models or makes, but it’s climbing a lot further up because of the geometry and everything in the track.

What current or upcoming product are you excited about?

This year, there is going to be the new Riot, the Riot X and the Alpha One. Those will be our big selling sleds.

Arctic Cat has reduced a lot of production this year. They brought out only the product that was pre-sold during the Cat Cash period, which they call Snowmageddon. A lot of us dealers are going to be running very low on snowmobiles. It’s going to be a lean year.


Lee Barker is the owner/operator of Fast Trax Mountainsports Ltd. in Fort St. John, B.C.

What is your most popular/best-selling snowmobile?

The new Alpha Hardcore.

Why do you think that is?

Manoeuvrability, playability and the fun factor on the new Alpha are amazing. It worked so well last year that we had quite a few SnowChecks. Everybody’s been super happy with the Alpha. 

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