The 6” SlyDog Trail upgrade

by Timothy Fowler

Skis are often the first upgrade to stock sleds, and a SlyDog ski package is a great place to start.
Skis are often the first upgrade to stock sleds, and a SlyDog ski package is a great place to start. Photo courtesy SlyDog

Skis are one of the first upgrades from cold-stock sleds most sledders tackle. The SlyDog 6” Trail ski swap gives riders better control, improved ability to cut fresh tracks and reduced sled darting in tight turns. SlyDog’s package deal includes skis, loops, mounting hardware and carbide options.

Since 2003, sledders have relied on SlyDogs­­­—15 years of proven performance in aftermarket sled-ski upgrades. Designed for trail riding and racing, SlyDogs track tighter, float better and dart less than stock sled skis. The ski’s patented reverse-angle keel improves control and reduces darting, and the intake scoop pulls and compresses snow into the channel for better floatation. That makes a firm base the keel can push against for efficient turns. The wider-than-stock ski base provides a broader platform and better flotation on the trail and in the powder.

SlyDog Skis are 15 centimetres wide (six inches), 106 centimetres (42.4 inches) long and weigh in at 2.45 kilograms (5.4 pounds) each, making for a lightweight and flexible enhancement to stock sleds.

The SlyDog 6” Trail kit gets sledders improved handling through lighter steering, a smoother ride and improved floatation for better performance trail riding—like running on rails.

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