2020 Best Sled Wrap Contest

Post a photo of your decked-out sled for a chance to win

A snowmobile with a blue and green sled wrap sits on the snow.
Wrap wars! It's time to see who has the coolest wrap out there.

Does your snowmobile have a slick sled wrap? Would you like to show it off for all the world to see? Good news! SnoRiders Best Sled Wrap contest is back!

Post pics of your sweet sled wrap using the hashtag #SledWrap2020 on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to enter the contest. You can also send your rad shots to [email protected]. The winner will receive our Best Sled Wrap Award and a prize.

If you’d like to know how to install your own sled wrap, check out our start-to-finish instructions for a successful DIY sled wrap experience.

There’s no point in decking out your snowmobile with a rad design and then hiding it in a lonely shed, right? Show us what you’ve got!

Post your photos in July and August. The best of the best will go head-to-head and our readers will vote for their favourites in the 2020 Best Sled Wrap contest. Good luck! 

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