Mountains, lakes, plateaus and history

100 Mile House is a snowmobiling paradise

by Dan Williams

A group of sledders meet at the 100 Mile House annual open ride to Ten-ee-ah Lodge at Spout Lake. Chris Nickless photo

With beautiful vistas, historical destinations, abundant wildlife and never a dull kilometre, there are plenty of reasons to head to the Cariboo and 100 Mile House for your next snowmobiling adventure.

The 100 Mile House Snowmobile Club was formed in the 1960s when ice oval racing was in its prime. While oval racing has given way to snocross over the years, the club is still very active and focused on growing the membership and trail grooming. Currently, the club is 40 members strong and offers benefits that include lower insurance rates, family outings and events, groomed trails and a club favourite—snow drags.

Historical rides

This winter, club members have set out a pilot project to groom a 40-kilometre loop from their clubhouse that incorporates some of the Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail that runs from Clinton to Wells and Barkerville. The Cariboo region offers a spectacular variety of landscapes, from the Cariboo mountain range to a plethora of lakes to wide open plateaus. Depending on the route and direction of trails, there are many sites to explore on the Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail. 

Plenty of memorable rides

Club president Al Reichardt is enthusiastic about the coming winter and the objectives of the club. A lifelong snowmobiler and at times a ride guide, he spoke about a recent outing that easily qualifies as one of his favourite trips.

“(The ride) was probably—out of all the rides I have done, and I’ve done a lot . . . it was the best group I ever had,” said Reichardt. “They listened, stopped at road crossings and no one wandered off—and I didn’t have to go back like a bunch of cows and round them up playing in the trees. It was an awesome time.”

The trip is an annual preferred event for members and non-members alike; the ride goes to Ten-ee-ah Lodge on Spout Lake. It is a family event with scheduled stops that allow riders to stretch their legs and children to play. Once at the lodge, the snowmobilers are welcomed by the Bader family, who manage the resort, and are treated to a delicious buffet luncheon.

A region for snowmobiling

The 100 Mile House Snowmobile Club also has plans for a series of overnight rides for couples. One trip will take riders south to Clearwater, the second will point north to Wells and Barkerville.

According to Reichardt, 100 Mile House is the best kept secret for snowmobiling, and he’d like to share his passion for what is available in the region.

“We have everything for everybody,” said Reichardt.

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