A young woman stands at the top of the mountains.
Mighty Peace, AB

Awestruck! A flatlanders first ride in the mountains

Snowmobiling in the Kakwa area near Grande Cache, Alberta, opened this Ontario sledder's eyes to new possibilities.

by Chelsey Hennig
Photo of a girl siting on a red snowmobile with snow and trees in the background
SledLife, Mighty Peace, AB

Keeping up with the boys

Sledding, ATVing and four-wheeling—Jenna Maffret does it all

by Kirsten Armleder
A cold day riding with ten guys in -40 conditions at Kakwa park.
Mighty Peace, AB

He caught the riding bug

Snowmobiling, Mighty Peace Country, Kakwa, Grande Prairie, Nelson Anderson

by Breanne Massey
Mighty Peace, AB

Hit the trails around Grande Prairie and Fairview

Grande Prairie, Kakwa Wildland Park, Fairview, Big Mountain

by Breanne Massey
Father and son standing by snowmobile
Mighty Peace, AB

Family time means sledding time

Quality time together for a Grande Prairie family usually involves winter camping trips and miles of snowmobiling through woodland trails.

People gathered together on sleds
Mighty Peace, AB

It’s a grand place to sled

Grande Prairie has a club with membership in the hundreds and snowmobiling as far as the eye can see.

sledder riding down a slope
Mighty Peace, AB

Towering mountain landscapes

Grande Prairie has spectacular alpine snowmobiling.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Mighty Peace